Restaurant Review: Kiyoshi Ramen ‘N’ More

By: Reece Cabanas

Prescott, Arizona is not exactly known for its ethnic cuisine when compared to major metropolis areas such as Los Angeles or San Francisco. However, positioned on the corner of a small shopping center is a family-owned and operated business that brings the tastes of Hawaiian-American cuisine to this former Wild West town.

Kiyoshi Ramen ‘N’ More opened just over a year ago, establishing a location between Iron Springs and Willow Creek Roads in the Willow Creek Village shopping center. The drive from campus is approximately eleven minutes, making for a quick go-to for lunch between classes or a light dinner option.

Hawaiian food has been transformed by a variety of ethnic backgrounds which have, at some point, had a heavy influence on the Hawaiian Islands and their people. Some of the more notable influences come from China, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Portugal. Local food became a mix of these different cuisines and the traditional plate lunch was soon turned into the fusion cuisine now familiar to the world.

So, what is on the menu?

Starting with appetizers, there are a few items to choose from. There is the Filipino lumpia, a spring roll filled with pork and vegetables, and Japanese Gyoza, a pan-fried pot sticker. Most notable is the regular and deep-fried Spam Musubi which consists of rice formed in a rectangular fashion, a slice of canned spam, and seaweed to wrap everything together.

There are numerous options available for the main entrée. Order a bento box for on the go, or sit down and enjoy the local favorites in house. The list includes chicken katsu, teriyaki beef, teriyaki chicken, fried noodles, fried rice, or seared salmon or tuna.

Also offered is what is known as a poke bowl. This consists of green onion, Japanese seaweed, raw fish, and rice, combined with other ingredients to the customer’s liking.

Kiyoshi Ramen ‘N’ More would not be able to live up to its name if ramen was not on the menu. Customers can choose from a wide variety of options such as broth, flavor, noodle type, and toppings to create a satisfying blend of aroma and taste. A fair warning, however: eating an entire bowl of ramen can be extremely filling, so be careful not to overdo it on the side dishes.

Finally, top off any meal with Japanese mochi ice cream or a Boba drink from one of twenty-five flavors. If you happen to come on a Friday night, there is also live entertainment to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

In conclusion, along with the friendly staff and reasonable wait times on orders, Kiyoshi Ramen ‘N’ More is a light-hearted place to indulge in Hawaiian fusion cuisine. While some of the prices may be slightly daunting for the average college student, the atmosphere and food quality is well worth the trade-off.


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Book Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses

By: Rachael Merkt
Copy Editor

Fans of the “Throne of Glass” series rejoice; Sarah J. Maas has done it again. Maas takes readers back into her world of extravagance, adventure, and magic in “A Court of Thorns and Roses,” introducing a new female heroine with instincts that help her survive and a heart that saves her.

The series begins with 19 year old huntress, Feyre. Her family is restricted to a less than livable income and Feyre is forced to venture into the woods and teach herself how to hunt at a young age.

Despite her situation, Feyre is in love with the colors of the world she can paint and refuses to give up on the small dream she has allowed herself to imagine.

Living with two oppressing sisters and a crippled father, Feyre dreams of the day her sisters are married off and it is just her and her father and a few painting supplies she could afford without her sister’s needs in the household. But Feyre’s dream is shattered.

The world Feyre resides in lives in fear of the Fae, an immortal race of magical beings that has wreaked havoc upon the human race. When Feyre encounters an immortal Fae in the form of a wolf, the hatred in her heart does not let her think twice about shooting the creature down. But for every action, there is a reaction.

Maas takes readers on an unpredictable journey through the pages of “A Court of Thorns and Roses.” With every plot twist, the book leaves readers wondering what could possibly happen next.

Feyre’s killing of the wolf leads her to a meeting with Tamlin, one of the immortals who destroyed her ancestor’s world. Feyre makes a deal with Tamlin in order to save herself, reside with him on his estate for the rest of her mortal life in payment of the life she took.

But Feyre learns that her captivity is more freedom than she has ever had, and that Tamlin’s kindness can lead to a desiring heart. As Feyre spends her time with the immortals, she learns that there are bigger and darker forces at work in her world, threatening not only the immortals, but the humans.

Guided with a yearning to know more and a growing desire to protect Tamlin, Feyre finds her way into the heart of the evil, and learns that she may be the only one who can break the bond that has wreaked a havoc upon the Fae and will soon capture her own realm as well.

Maas tells yet another incredible story of survival, bravery, and the true sacrifices that one must make in the name of love.

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Sweden Study Abroad Experience Part 2: Daily Life

By: Noa Brown


In the previous issue of “Horizons,” I shared my thoughts and feelings while travelling from San Francisco, California to Stockholm, Sweden for my study abroad last summer. For this issue, I will share my experiences in Stockholm.

During the month of my stay, I came to know the city of Stockholm inside and out. Stockholm is located on the east coast of Sweden. It resides within an archipelago, meaning it is made up of numerous small islands interconnected by bridges, tunnels, and ferries.

Being on an archipelago, there was an end less variety of beautiful vintage boats. I would spot them all along the waterfronts of each island.

I remember I would go for daily jogs along the waterfronts where I would find wooden sailing trawlers, steam powered tugboats and vintage ferries lined up as far I could see. Over time, I got to know each ship by name and recognized each of them for their uniqueness.

One of Stockholm’s key achievements, I believe, is its public transportation network. One single membership pass (prepaid in the program fees) allowed unlimited access to all three of the city’s major systems.

My classmates and I used the Tunnelbana (TBana) most often, which is Stockholm’s metro. The TBana covers a large portion of the city. The few parts of Stockholm out of the TBana’s reach could be accessed by the bus or ferry.

Our apartment complex was only a block away from the nearest TBana station, which we would use to get to the stop at the entrance of our host university.

Before long I figured out how to use my public transportation pass to navigate myself to anywhere I wanted to go in Stockholm. Since I have never owned my own car, this was the first time I had ever made my way around without having to ask for a ride.

It was freedom on a whole new level for me that I had not even experienced in Prescott. Stockholm is also rich with museums.

Our first weekend in Stockholm, I got to visit the Vasa museum. The Vasa was a double decked warship launched by the Swedish Navy in 1628 in Stockholm. On her maiden voyage, the Vasa was only able to cover about one kilometer before her gun ports let in water and she sank.

Miraculously, the ship was rediscovered in the 1950’s and salvaged by 1960. Her restoration has been a work in progress in the years since.

I found the architecture of the city to be very beautiful. Each of the buildings were painted different bright colors ranging from orange to white to green. Much of the roads and sidewalks were made of cobblestone.

While uneven on the feet, I found it to be a rather pleasant change from the bland concrete and asphalt normally found in the United States.

Our host school, the Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) which translates to Royal Institute of Technology, had a very attractive look to its campus as well. Most of the buildings were made of red brick and rose at least three stories high each.

Many of them had enormous smokestacks that would protrude at least six stories up, reminiscent of the Industrial Revolution.

The quad on campus was elegantly decorated with many green, well-kept lawns and neatly trimmed bushes. When the weather was ideal, students would sit out on the lawns to do their homework.

Our professor and program leader, Dr. Crisler, attempted to get all the students meal plans at the KTH’s cafeteria. However, he was never able to do so and we needed to buy our own food for each meal.

Fortunately, finding good food, while expensive, was not at all difficult. About twice a week after I was done with class, I would go shopping on my way back to the apartment.

Throughout my time in Stockholm, I found three different grocery stores I liked. There were two stores called Coop. One was in the TBana station by my apartment and the other was a few blocks away.

They were both convenient if I did not have much time and needed quick easy groceries. The third store was called Lydl which I needed to take the TBana to get to. I found I liked the variety of food at Lydl a little more. Therefore, if I had the time, I would make the extra effort to shop at Lydl.

For dinner, I primarily bought different microwavable meals from the grocery stores. For most of my breakfasts, however, I cooked my own food using the apartment’s kitchen.

It was in that apartment kitchen where I cooked my first omelet. I taught myself based off what I saw one of the Embry-Riddle cafeteria chefs do. Before the study abroad, I had hardly ever cooked before.

Having to cook for myself made me much more comfortable using a kitchen. Since then, I have ventured off to cooking more complicated meals and it has since become quite a passion of mine.

No matter where I shopped, I could always find fresh baked bread and pastries. Additionally, in general, fresh produce in Europe has far fewer preservatives than that in the United States if any at all.

Having no preservatives in the food became a double-edged sword for me. While food with no preservatives is far healthier, I found that it spoils much more quickly. Consequently, I could never buy food in bulk and I had to be sure to use up all my food within a few days forcing me to shop often.

I learned at my stay in Stockholm that the Fika, or coffee break, is a very important part of the Swedish daily life. Unsurprisingly, Stockholm has a plethora of coffee shops throughout the city.

One notable chain that greatly surprised me was 7-Eleven. As most know in the United States, 7-Eleven is dismissed as cheap and low quality.

Ironically in Sweden however, the pastries served at 7-Eleven were all fresh baked in the shop. Many also had delicious salad bars and decent coffee as well.

My classmates and I also enjoyed two other coffee chains during our stay. One was called Espresso House.

The closest one was next door to our local TBana station. With a dimly lit and rustic styled interior, it had a very cozy feel to it and I would enjoy having breakfast there on weekends.

The other coffee chain was Wayne’s Coffee. Wayne’s Coffee was right across the street from our apartment. Thanks to both its generous spacing and how close it was, it made a perfect study location.

My classmates and I showed up so often that the baristas eventually began to recognize us and we all became good friends.

My daily life and routines while living in Stockholm really helped me build a sense of independence which really helped me prepare for adult life. In the next issue, I will share my experiences studying solid and fluid mechanics.


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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Review

By: Sean Hernandez


The next installment in the Tom Clancy series takes the player to the country of Bolivia. A U.S. spec ops unit is charged with taking down the entire infrastructure of the Santa Blanca drug cartel in retaliation for the murder of a DEA agent working undercover within the organization.

Developer Ubisoft’s take on the South American country of Bolivia is breath-taking; it’s filled with both beauty and danger everywhere the player goes.

Throughout the twenty-two provinces, players will traverse through jungles, deserts, mountains, salt flats, and many more terrains and environments as they work to hunt down the leading members of the Santa Blanca Cartel.

Dynamic weather adds to the effect with raging thunderstorms in addition to the usual sunny days and cloudy skies. The environment of Bolivia plays a huge role in how the player must go about completing an objective.

With such a massive open world comes a variety of vehicles that players can use to traverse the map. A lot of time is spent in vehicles due to the sheer size of each province and all of the missions to complete within each of one.

Many missions require the use of a vehicle to get the job done. The issue with this is that the vehicle controls and vehicle physics aren’t the best.

It takes a lot of getting used to in order to master the vehicle controls in this game; the helicopter controls in particular take a while to master.

The bigger issue that players will most likely run into is the lack of variety in missions despite having a huge map to run around in.

The player must complete series of missions in each province in order to draw each key member of the cartel out of hiding. These missions all vary with tasks such as destroying important objects, kidnapping or taking out important people, or gathering intel.

Normally this issue would be a severe drawback, but the massive open world sandbox of Wildlands stops this from happening. The game gives the player the complete freedom to choose how they want to go about accomplishing any task.

Chances are, your plans for executing a mission will not go as you want and when that happens you can simply try another tactic and see if that works. There’s no limit to how a player can go about completing a mission.

The AI squad mates work well with the game’s sync shot mechanic and do a decent job of giving support when needed; they are overall very reliable. It makes for quite a different change of pace when switching over to co-op.

There’s a lot more chaos and humor that comes with trying to work with other humans and all their imperfections as opposed to an AI that never leaves your side.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is very impressive with its detailed open world and weapon and character customizations. It makes up for its odd vehicle controls and repetitive missions with total freedom of choice, unpredictability, and the humorous chaos that comes with playing this game.

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Prescott Family Diner Review

By David Naftzger


Prescott Family Diner embodies a classic diner feeling with some modern twists. The diner is very welcoming and bright on the inside with a dark red and silver theme across the walls and booths.

The setting is open but the booths are private enough to have a conversation. The restaurant is occupied by a pleasant mixture of both booths and tables. Along with that, there is an open coffee bar with alternating colored lights lining it.

The diner is easily found in Prescott at 520 Miller Valley Road by the Post Office, and a large sign with retro font is very visible outside.

The diner opened in late 2016 and is family owned. Prescott Family Diner manager Mohamed Mohamed said, “We have two similar restaurants in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

We serve a wide variety of entrees and the unique thing is we are about to start dinner specials that will include Asian food, Mexican food, and Egyptian food.

We can accommodate any party no matter what size.” They recently introduced a new menu item called a Hawaiian Hoagie. It has chicken, mozzarella cheese, pineapple, peppers, and pesto sauce.

One of their most popular dishes is the Rodeo Burger. It is a burger with bacon, cheese, barbeque sauce and an onion ring on top. Mohammed added that he personally makes a great milkshake.

The Prescott Family Diner is a great location to meet with friends, have a meeting over a meal, or just relax with a well-prepared meal. The establishment has a few televisions on the wall that make it simple to keep updated on everything from news to sports.

The staff members are polite and welcoming and can answer any questions from their many-page, diverse menu. The Prescott Family Diner is open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner classics all day!



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Drake Stays Versatile with “More Life”

By: James Ritchey


“So watch how you speak on my name, you know?” exclaimed Drake at the 2016 American Music Awards, a sample that plays during the first track of his new album, “More Life.”

After disappointing reception to “Views” last year and rumors surrounding the delay of “More Life’s” release, fans and other hip-hop artists became wary of Drake’s stature as one of the leading rappers in the industry.

However, “More Life” proves Drake is indeed incredibly versatile, eloquent, and deserving of his spot as one of the best in the modern age.

The collection labels itself as a “Playlist,” meant to be somewhere in between a mixtape and a full album, an interesting take on how the hip-hop genre can vary on its ability to tie songs together.

“More Life” is successfully able to contain multiple genres of music within its 22 tracks, ranging from house to reggae in its beats.

It also features many more artists that “Views,” ranging from the relatively unknown London rapper Giggs and R&B singer PARTYNEXTDOOR to hip-hop powerhouse Kanye West. Drake goes so far as to put a sample of a voicemail from his own mother at the end of “Can’t Have Everything.”

Despite some of the harder and faster tracks on “More Life,” Drake is still able to shine in his slower ballads that earned him his fame. On “Glow” and “Since Way Back,” Drake is able to boast about his success while still humanizing himself like he tends to do so well.

Other highlights of “More Life” include “Passionfruit,” a romp over a reggae beat that helps move the album along in its opening tracks.

Drake teams with party-rappers Travis Scott and Quavo on “Portland,” creating an interesting dynamic that is sure to receive heavy radio play in the future.

“Fake Love” still sounds relevant and exciting despite its release as a single several months ago. “4422,” featuring Sampha, is also a highlight.

“More Life” is sure to go down as one of Drake’s best albums, and will satiate fans for the next year or so until another Drake project is released. Those disappointed by “Views” should still definitely give “More Life” a listen before dismissing Drake as an overrated artist past his prime.

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Method Coffee Shop

By: Grace Gammello, Correspondent


Method Coffee is a cafe just a mile down the road from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The venue is a small shop nestled next to the Purple Cat bookstore and Robek’s.

Method serves a wide range of coffee and tea, along with biscotti and pastries. Method provides unique drinks in a variety of flavors, including blackberry, violet, and Irish cream.

They also offer sugar-free and non-dairy options, along with Italian sodas and smoothies. The menu is provided on their Facebook page. They have seasonal specials—Spring is here, so go check out their new specials menu!

Method Coffee just celebrated its seventh anniversary this past winter and upholds its reputation as a local hotspot. Great for college students, Method provides free Wi-Fi, small two-person tables for studying, and affordable prices (hot chocolate is nearly a dollar!).

From interviews around campus, it seems the pilots especially enjoy this location for their study groups. This coffee shop is known for its large, modern windows, clean facilities, and adorable section of the wall where customers can add their own responses to open-ended questions.

A great place to watch the world go by or grab a quick morning coffee, Method Coffee is open from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on weekdays, and from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Their address is 3180 Willow Creek Rd, and their number is (928) 777-1067.

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