By Madison Padilla
Chief Copy Editor

Team Members: Andrew Sverdrup, Kolten Leffler, Robert Velarde, Josh Hammes 

The Transit team is one of two CE/SE/EE teams on campus. Lead by Andrew Sverdrup, the team has focused on working with their industry sponsor, ACSS, to design a solution for sending flight log data to data centers to be processed. What this entails is that the flight data is captured by the pilot’s iPad and stored until all of the data has been received. Then, the data is uploaded to a data center in the cloud where analysis can be run. This process hopes to assist in the development of more efficient flight patterns, and make flying more affordable.  

The project idea stemmed from their sponsor, ACSS, who kept detailed logs of flight data but had no convenient means of obtaining the data without sending someone out to each plane. From that, the company wanted to look ways to easily access the data.  

Over the two semesters, the team faced a few challenges. “Our biggest difficulty has been planning time to meet and work as a group around our busy senior schedules,” said team lead Sverdrup. Despite that, the team has been able to work through the core phases of the project. This includes creating an iPad app that receives and securely sends data to the cloud, a flight data simulator to test the app, and a database/webserver that receives flight data, processes it, and generates necessary charts.  

With that, the group is left working on writing tests and documentation, along with developing some extra features. When asked about what was the most exciting aspect of the project, Sverdrup remarked, “The potential to take flight data from thousands of individual flights and perform data analysis on it to make flying safer and more affordable is very exciting.” 

Transit would like to thank ACSS for recommending the idea to them, and their faculty advisor, Dr. Davis, who helped them understand aviation terms they came across and answering any questions they had. Along with that, they thank Dr. Post, Dr. Siewert, and Dr. Van Hilst for providing helpful and detailed feedback during their design reviews.  

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