By Madison Padilla
Chief Copy Editor 

Team members: Jacqueline Worley, Garrison Bybee, Morgan Garone, Grayson Lynch, Chad Abramson Jr., Sara El Baissi, Riley Griffin, Mathew Todd 

One of the two ME-Robotics projects this year is the Search and Rescue Ground Explorer, otherwise known as S.A.R.G.E. Lead by Jacqueline Worley, the team set off to create an autonomous ground vehicle that can assist in search and rescue missions by providing supplies and leading able survivors to safety.  

This concept was put forth when the entire team wanted to work on something in relation to search and rescue. Along with that, they wanted to base their idea off of the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, which is a competition that competes autonomous ground vehicles in several difficult challenges. When asked what the most difficult part of the project was, Worley remarked, “Lots of team drama and arguments and design decision meshing,” were the main issues they ran into.  

With the semester wrapping up, the team has nearly completed their mechanical subsystem and testing the software subsystem. However, work on the electrical subsystem is still being done. Once the systems are complete, the group plans to go through integration and testing of the robot.  

When asked about what made the project exciting, Worley commented that, “Getting to see the vehicle move and getting feedback from the Yavapai Search and Rescue teams,” were the most exciting. Along with that, the team is looking forward to their project’s competition and, subsequently, the implementation of S.A.R.G.E. in different environments.  

As a final note, members of the S.A.R.G.E. team would like to thank Dr. Iacopo Gentilini, Professor Richard Mangum, the Undergraduate Research Institute (URI), the College of Engineering (COE), Jim Weber, Jeff Hyatt, Ernest Stokesberry, and Patrick David for lending a hand to their project’s success.  

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