By: Rachel Parrent

Ben Seidman, the famous performing magician and comedian, came to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s DLC on March 2, adding to the joie de vivre of students before they were to start spring break.

Presenting stunning sleight of hand tricks accompanied by humor and jokes, Seidman impressed many in the audience, engaging with students and faculty members alike.

His tricks were very intricate, and some in the audience even joked that they found the tricks frustrating, because they were so impossible to figure out!

Seidman has been practicing magic since a young age, eventually turning it into a career, bringing joy and laughter to audiences all over the world.

Having served as the Resident Magician of the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, and appearing on television and in film productions, Seidman shares his entertainment on global tours.

His extensive performance experience and adventures through touring seem to be a strong influence in his comedy, as he shared many comedic stories about his time in Las Vegas, and other fascinating destinations, during his show.

He brought comedy and magic to ERAU to wow and entertain students with his personal stories, jokes, and illusions.

Junior Kat Keith enjoyed the event, saying it was “a lot of fun,” and that Seidman “had some very applicable and hilarious jokes for a campus like ours.”

His sleight of hand was awe-inspiring and very impressive, as there were tricks that lasted throughout the entire show, tying the beginning all the way to the end.

Though confusing and long-winded at times, it was fascinating to see how Seidman pulled jokes and stories from the start of the act into a final presentation in a game with the audience.

Abigail McNally of BCA even got pulled up on stage to call her mother for one of Seidman’s acts. “[It was] really a great time to see a different kind of entertainer like Ben,” she recalled of the experience, “and a really good time to de-stress with this activity.”

Whether there for the comedy or the magic show, the audience was thoroughly entertained by Ben Seidman’s act.

These kind of events seem to be received very positively by the campus here, with lots of excited students and faculty in attendance for some laughs.

Something to make the ERAU-Prescott students smile through the work of school is always appreciated!

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