By: Reece Cabanas
Correspondent/Chief Distribution Officer 

For those who appreciate shrimp, or seafood in general, and a spicy kick in the taste buds, this recipe is just for you!

Consider making my Cajun lime shrimp recipe, a surefire hit at BBQs if cooked with care. Trust me, I’ve had nothing but praise with these babies. 

This recipe is as simple as it sounds: all you need is some shrimp (jumbo prawns work best), BBQ skewers, Cajun seasoning, jumbo limes, and a stick of butter.

Pro tip: some grocery stores, such as the Fry’s Food and Drug near campus, sell pre-skewered shrimp in the seafood department. 

Another tip is to cook on a gas grill for a more consistent and even heat source.

Charcoal grills can work just as well, given you pay close attention to the temperature to avoid overcooking.

Shrimp can take on a rubbery consistency if left on the heat too long. 

Turn on the grill before doing anything else as it may take a while to get everything up to temperature.

For prep work, devein (remove the shell from) the shrimp and rinse in cold water. Skewer five or so prawns onto each skewer, or as many as you can fit if you don’t plan on sharing.  

Cut each lime into halves so you have enough for each skewer. Melt butter in a separate bowl when about ready to grill and add a few tablespoons of the Cajun seasoning. 

Now, throw the shrimp onto the hot grill. With a basting brush, apply the butter mix over the prawns. After about three minutes, flip the skewers and baste the other side.

This should keep the shrimp moist as they cook. 

The final step is to squeeze half of a lime over each skewer of prawns. Remove from the grill, and let rest for a minute before serving hot. 

A few additional tips to add: If using wooden skewers, soak them in water for a couple minutes before adding the shrimp.

This will help them to avoid burning when applied over open flame. You can also add vegetables such as onions, bell peppers, and/or pineapple to brighten up your plate. 

There you have it. A great recipe for that dream BBQ with friends or family that will have them thinking you’re a master chef! 


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