By Lauren Pfeil

Greek week was an epic competition between 6 Fraternities and 3 Sororities, which resulted with some pretty close scores towards the end. These events were to see which Fraternities and which Sororities would come out on top when they all had to work together to accomplish their daily task. Every year, there is a new theme for Greek Week and this year’s theme was musicals. There were some pretty creative ideas thrown into the mix this year and made some pretty eventful moments.

To start off with the the Fraternities, Theta Xi was School of Rock, Sigma Tau Gamma was Shrek the musical, Pi Kappa Phi was Hamilton, Sigma Alpha Epsilon was Spamalot, Lambda Chi Alpha was Lion King, Sigma Chi was unfortunately unable to compete in greek week this year. Moving onto the Sororities, Alpha Xi Delta was High School Musical, Delta Phi Epsilon was Hairspray, and last but not least, Alpha Sigma Tau was Greece. 

The first day to start off greek week was on Sunday the 25th. That day was filled with hours on end of intense field games and everyone being cheered on no matter what part of greek life they were in. During field day there was a towel toss with an egg, tug of war, flashball, and a three legged race. Pi Kappa Phi was the overall winner for field day along with Alpha Xi Delta and Alpha Sigma Tau tieing for the sororities.

On Monday the 26th the student union’s windows were filled with art from all of our Greek members on campus. Each Fraternity and Sorority chose a window and painted it to the theme of their chosen musical. Delta Phi Epsilon and Theta Xi won window painting. On Tuesday the 27th was a volleyball tournament down on the sand volleyball courts on campus. Alpha Xi Delta was the winner of volleyball for the sororities and Pi Kappa Phi was the winner of volleyball for the fraternities.

On Wednesday the 28th, was sidewalk chalking in front of the student union. Alpha Xi Delta won for the sororities and Sigma Alpha epsilon won for the fraternities. There are some pretty artistic people in greek life! On Thursday the 29th, they hosted a dodgeball tournament in the gym.

There was some pretty high tensions during that event. Alpha Sigma Tau and Pi Kappa Phi/Theta Xi won for that event. On the last day of greek week, there was a very comical and entertaining lip sync battle. After all the amazing performances, Delta Phi Epsilon won for the sororities and Theta Xi won for the fraternities. At the end of that event they announced who won overall for the whole week. Alpha sigma Tau won overall for the week for the sororities and Theta Xi won overall for the week for the Fraternities. This week was a great week for all greek life and lots of amazing memories were made. This is a tradition that will last many years! 

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