By Reece Cabanas
Chief Distribution Officer 

Here’s a simple recipe for those who fancy a nice slab of protein in their diet. This pan seared steak takes only a few ingredients and little preparation time. To kick it up a notch, we’ll dive in deeper by adding some toppings and sides. 

A quick tip before starting: make sure you have proper ventilation by turning on a stove fan or opening some windows around the kitchen. Searing a steak at the temperatures required will produce a lot of smoke and may set off the fire alarm, something I know from multiple experiences at my apartment. 

For the main dish you will need a cut of beef steak (I usually go with a New York strip), salt, pepper, olive oil, butter, a few garlic cloves, and rosemary. If you want sides I suggest steamed vegetables of your choosing, a baked potato, or wild rice pilaf. In addition, I prefer to top my steak with a medley of onion and Baby Bella or white mushrooms. 

Pre-heat your pan to a medium-high heat. Pat dry your steak, especially if you rinse it beforehand, then add just enough oil to the pan to cover the bottom. Open some garlic cloves by crushing them either with the palm of your hand or pushing down on them with a knife. 

With the pan up to temperature, carefully lay the steak in the oil. Season with salt and pepper and add a few cloves of crushed garlic. Finally, add a stick of rosemary in the oil and let everything sear for about five minutes before checking, occasionally swirling the oil in the pan to evenly distribute flavors. 

As you let the first side cook, start your sides and/or toppings. For toppings, mince onions or chop into strings. Cut mushrooms in half and sauté with a little olive oil and seasoning. 

If going with vegetables, steam in a steamer or boil in salted water. For a baked potato or wild rice pilaf, there are several ways to spice it up. The internet will be your best friend for adding variety to these sides 

Once the first side of your steak looks brown and crisp, turn over and season again with salt and pepper. Add a knob of butter on top and let melt. Turn over each clove of garlic and the stick of rosemary and let all sear for another five or so minutes. 

Once you are satisfied with the crispness of your steak, remove from pan and let rest for at least six minutes. The steak will continue to cook on the inside and the juices will get locked in. Lastly, garnish with toppings and add cooked sides to your plate. 

Enjoy this pan-seared garlic rosemary steak with a nice pairing of red wine, or your favorite soft drink. Nonetheless this recipe is perfect for that fancy date night at home, or lonely Sunday night in front of the TV. 

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