By: Brandon Dudley 
Online Editor  


  • Hot Chocolate Mix 
  • Heated Milk or Water 
  • Whipped Cream  
  • Your choice of alcohol: Baileys, Kahlua, or Frangelico   

Winter might be on the cusp of turning into spring, but a warm beverage can always be a welcome treat to sate one’s thirst, especially when it involves hot chocolate.

For those who can legally purchase and drink alcohol, adding a little kick into the drink can make it even sweeter.

With the ingredients above, you have the makings of an Adult Hot Chocolate.  

Hot chocolate is easy enough to make with a simple mix found at the grocery store.

I would suggest mixing the powder into warmed milk instead of water as it adds a frothier, creamier taste to the beverage.  

Once the hot chocolate portion of the drink is ready, the real fun comes next.

For this I would suggest either Baileys, Kahlua, or Frangelico to be added to the drink; it only takes about a shot or two poured in to get the desired taste to enhance the chocolate further.

If I am feeling like a little extra for my drink, I would mix and match any of these three into a combination of two.

Personally, a dash of Baileys and Frangelico in my hot chocolate makes all the difference for a fantastic drink.  

Taste test how much you pour into the hot chocolate by starting off with smaller amounts, as there is no going back when mixing a drink.

Once the desired balance is achieved, the icing on the cake, so to speak, is adding whipped cream.

Whether this be a small dollop or filling the rest of the mug to the brim, this makes for the complete hot chocolate experience.  

This mixture of hot chocolate and alcohol is simple to prepare yet very satisfying to enjoy and pairs well with a good book or a nice evening sunset.

It can help soothe the spirit on a chilly night in a tasty way that does not overpower the taste buds with the alcoholic flavor, rather enhancing the chocolate goodness with hazelnut or cream.  

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