By Reece Cabanas
Chief Distribution Officer 

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) Prescott Campus held a free event for its students in the form of a spring egg hunt. Hosted by the Student Government Association, the March 30th event was filled with fun, prizes, and free food catered by campus dining contractor Sodexo. 

At approximately 4:00 p.m. participants lined up behind a designated barrier in front of the Jack R. Hunt Student Union. Behind them were tables filled with various prizes available for those who found eggs stuffed with colored tokens. 

The prize table followed a color scheme. Red and yellow tokens were associated with gift cards or movie tickets, orange was for small prizes, blue for medium prizes like sports balls, purple for large prizes such as appliances and electronics, and green for grand prizes including a kayak and life vest. 

Several students were eager to begin the hunt. “I’m pretty excited! I’ve waited all week for this,” says Conrad Denemark. Luke Hein adds, “I’ve never been more excited in my life!” Some such as Tristan Minkoff were ready to snag large prizes. “Getting ready to walk away with another TV,” he proclaims, referring to his big win last year. 

There was a huge turnout of at least one hundred to quite possibly over two hundred students. “I’m ready to get trampled! Lol…” says Monica Choiniere, referring to the massive group around her. 

At approximately 4:15 p.m. an announcement was made signaling the start of the egg hunt. Participants searched high and low, making sure not to leave any stone unturned. Periodic updates were given by the announcer, usually in the form of hints. 

Many students were on the prowl for the prized silver and gold eggs, which had cash rewards associated. Others had fun just being in the company of friends. “This is ‘egg-celent,’” remarks Shelby Lardner. “Such excite! Wow.” Andrew Gifford states, “Many eggs.” 

The gold egg was the last to be found, eventually being located between the Student Union parking lots and the Student Union. The winner was Luke Hein who stated, “Oh cool, I found the (golden) egg.” For finding the egg, he is to receive $400. 

While many participants turned up empty handed, several were lucky to win prizes. When asked how it felt to have not won a prize, Francis Abundo replied, “Well… after my three years of being here, I’m kind of used to it by now… haha.” 

Others, such as Tristan Minkoff, were lucky to find eggs filled with tokens for the larger prizes. “They didn’t have a TV this year, but I got some earbuds instead,” He exclaims. 

Tayler Niziolek was lucky enough to cash in his green prize token in time to get the kayak and life vest bundle, perhaps the largest prize on display. When asked how it felt to have won the kayak, he jokingly stated, “I only go by captain now.” 

After the prizes were claimed and hunting died down, participants relaxed on the benches located in the Student Union Courtyard. The free food, refreshments, and music all made for a laid-back atmosphere. Overall, the event was a refreshing start to the Easter holiday weekend and a great stress reliever from the mid-term season. 

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