By: Noa Brown

This model kit from Hasegawa is a rather rare airplane: the Macchi MC-202 Folgore.

The Folgore was one of the primary fighters built by the Italian Air Force in World War II, and it used the same engine as the Messerschmitt Bf-109.

A unique feature of the MC-202 is its asymmetrical wing designed to counteract engine torque.

This build however, has not been complete so the review will only cover the progress so far.

As stated before, the Folgore model had amazing surface quality.

The detail directly out of the box for the cockpit was surprisingly good, offering detail of the various gauges and levers.

The cockpit walls were separate from the fuselage pieces unlike most kits.

Most of the cockpit was painted with Tamiya’s Olive-Green paint, and the surface cracks and corners were further brought out using both black and brown Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color.

The edges and lighter surfaces were highlighted with Tamiya weathering pigments. The instrument panel was painted flat black while the gauges were given a layer of floor wax to mimic the appearance of glass.

When fitting the external parts together, there were serious issues with gaps and misalignment. Exhaustive effort sanding and applying putty was required to smoothen out the fit between the different parts.

When assembly was complete, a coat of white Tamiya primer was sprayed onto the whole aircraft. Afterward, the aircraft was pre-shaded with flat black paint.

Tamiya’s Desert Yellow was used as a base coat over the top surface and Light Blue for the lower surface. With the base coat set on the model, smoke rings were air brushed free-hand onto the surface using Tamiya Olive Green.

There is still some progress to be made on the model. Eventually the paint will be sealed in with a matte varnish. Afterward, the decals can be applied to the model which will get sealed in with gloss varnish.

The model will be finished after it gets weathered.The kit overall was a very satisfying build from its surface detail.

However, the difficulty getting the model to fit together properly definitely alienates a less experienced builder. This kit is ideal for the intermediate to advanced modeler. The remainder of the build will be covered in a future issue.

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