By Madison Padilla
Chief Copy Editor 

On a brisk Thursday evening, the Board of Campus Activities (BCA) hosted comedian and contortionist Jonathan Burns at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. A sizable crowd welcomed Burns in the Davis Learning Center (DLC) as BCA members introduced him. But what the crowd didn’t expect was Burns climbing out of the small suitcase located in the middle of the stage. With that, Burns took control of the show with music and his favorite “red ball trick.” 

Burns began to balance a red ball on his forehead all the while bending and twisting himself around, amazing the crowd. This quickly came to an end, however, when Burns stood up abruptly only to reveal the ball was fixed to his forehead. After the laughter died down, the comedian began to hunt through the crowd for a volunteer to assist in his act. The first volunteer was a student from Texas named Anthony, who was very hesitant to join Burns’ antics. Burns had Anthony hold an apple in his mouth while Burns “dropped” a large barbecue fork into said apple. This, of course, did not actually happen; Anthony was blindfolded and Burns simply stuck the fork into the apple while encouraging the crowd to scream bloody murder.  

The antics continued throughout the night as Burns went through a multitude of skits. At one point, he stupefied the audience as he swallowed an entire balloon animal. No person in the audience was sure if he faked it or actually went through with the trick. More volunteers were called up for a magic trick that allowed for Burns to make plenty of cheese-based puns. The two volunteers were given 10 slices of American cheese each and told to place the cheese in their pockets. Later, one of the students had eight slices and the other 12, though the slices had not been touched since the students were originally told to place the cheese in their pockets. 

One of the volunteers, Holly Focareto, commented, “I was honestly speechless, and all I knew was that I was given 10 pieces of cheese and then I only had eight! Also, where did the balloon go!?”  

Overall, the crowd enjoyed Burns’ performance as he closed out with his famous “hoops of destiny” trick, in which he stuffed himself through three small frames while comically running around the stage and through the audience. Burns also removed several pieces of clothing and one lucky audience member even ended up with his underwear as a souvenir. Photographer Lauren Pruski stated, “I was laughing so hard I couldn’t get any good photos.” Burn’s act will definitely be remembered fondly by the ERAU students.  

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