By: Zoe Crain
Copy Editor

On Friday, Feb. 23 at noon, students flocked to the Lower Hangar to listen to Chancellor Frank Ayers and the Student Government Association (SGA) answer questions about the campus. 

Dr. Ayers opened the event by providing a quick overview of the current state of affairs for the campus, including the progress of the new residence hall, T2.

At this point in time, T2 is scheduled to be completed about halfway through July, and should be ready for students to move into about a month later (just before the fall semester begins in the third week of August). 

Dr. Ayers concluded his introduction by referring all attending students to an email that was sent to them by their college dean.

In this email, the deans reiterated the University’s stance on civility, respect, and inclusion.

Dr. Ayers mentioned that his personal statement was present in the email, and that there is a baseline requirement for the way our students should be behaving.

“We must, at the very least, be civil to one another. Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean you have to be disagreeable,” he said. 

Dr. Ayers then invited SGA President Zoe Crain up to update the attending students about the responsibilities and projects of SGA. 

President Crain mentioned that elections for the 2018-2019 Council will be taking place during March and that all those who were interested in running needed to attend a final informational session that occurred after the Chat event.

She then encouraged all students to get to know the candidates as much as possible during campaign week, to ensure that their vote in the election is as informed as possible. 

At this point in the event, Dr. Ayers and President Crain opened the meeting to input from the attending students.

The first question asked was about additional parking on campus: “With the addition of the new dorm, will there be more parking available to students?” 

Barb Munderlow, head of Facilities, answered: “With the addition of the new dorm, we are of course adding a new parking lot next to it for those residents to use. We are also extending the library/Davis Learning Center parking lot and adding about 45 diagonal spots to that lot, in addition to an expansion of the lots down below the Hangar. We should be adding approximately 60 spots with that expansion.” 

“We’re always looking for ways to make the campus safer!” replied Dr. Ayers. “Michael [Brady] will take that down and address it from a Safety standpoint.” 

The next question asked was by student Nick Lauer, “Are there any plans to replace the speed bumps along Dobberteen? Because currently, no matter how slow I’m going, I always bottom out going over those speedbumps.” 

Director of Campus Safety Michael Brady answered, “Yes. We are planning to replace the sharply-angled speed bumps with a combination of the bolted speedbumps present in the library parking lot and ‘speed tables.’ These tables will provide a raised area for pedestrians to utilize to safely cross the road near the dorms, and the angle of the tables is such that you shouldn’t be hurting your car.” 

The next question was asked by a ROTC student. “Is there any way to get additional lighting put in along Dobberteen behind Halls 1 and 2?

Whenever ROTC runs through there in the mornings, students tend to twist ankles and trip because there currently aren’t any street lights.” 


The final question of note came from an unnamed student sitting at the back of the room. “I’ve found in my experience that the administration on the Prescott campus tends to be extremely disrespectful towards the students.”

He then went on to describe an individual situation he had dealt with on campus. “It seems as though the administration constantly tells the students to report bad things that happen, but nothing is ever done when things are reported.” 

“I think administration does as much as we possibly can for individual students,” responded Dr. Ayers. “While it is impossible to find a solution that everyone is happy with, the fact of the matter is that it is our job to do everything in our power to help our students.”

He then encouraged the student to stay after the meeting and speak with himself, Dean Larry Stephan, and Associate Dean of Students Liz Frost.

When the meeting concluded, the student could be seen sitting down with the three administrators. 

Chat with SGA and Administration events are held approximately once a month and always provide free pizza and soda to the attendees.

If you have any questions about the event or the state of the campus at a given time, email SGA President Crain at []. 

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