By: Zoe Crain

On Jan. 18, 2018 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Prescott campus Department of Student Engagement (DSE) hosted the semesterly Activity Fair.

The Activity Fair is the traditional event where the clubs and activities on campus set up shop at a table and hawk themselves to attendees.

This semester, the Activity Fair fell at the same time as a men’s and women’s basketball game.

Thus, instead of the Fair being held in the Activity Center like usual, the fair was moved to the Eagle Gym. 

Despite the Eagle Gym being considerably smaller than the Activity Fair, and the existence of conflicting events, the Activity Fair was still well-attended.

Students wound their way through more than 50 different tables, including the Board of Campus Activities (BCA), the Brotherhood of Steel forge club, and Art Club.

Students sitting at the tables called out to those who passed, encouraging new students to come see what their club was all about. 

Students who were already part of clubs also moved through the Fair, some wearing uniforms or other identifying pieces of clothing for the clubs they belonged to.

Marine Corp officers scouted students, members of the Pride Network floated by trailing a multitude of brightly colored flags, and in true Embry-Riddle fashion, a drone buzzed overhead. 

“I’ve definitely found some things I’d like to be involved in,” said a new transfer student who would like to remain anonymous.

“It’s nerve-wracking coming to a new place, but it was helpful to see clubs laid out in front of me.” 




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