By Reece Cabanas

There seem to be two types of people who go to a coffee shop: the first go to buy coffee, and the second end up buying tea. Nothing is wrong with either choice.

However, for those of us who prefer a nice hot tea versus a brewed cup of coffee, the number of options can vary depending on where you go. 

A personal favorite of mine when simple won’t cut it is the London Fog. This latte is great for a morning or noontime pick-me-up, and can be enjoyed alongside a snack such as a muffin or toast.

Even by itself this drink doesn’t disappoint in cooler weather, and can even be concocted from the comfort of your kitchen! 

The basic ingredients of a London Fog are Earl Grey tea leaves of preference, pure vanilla extract, raw honey, and unsweetened milk of choice.

The “fog” part comes from frothed milk, which gives it a foamy consistency if done correctly.

Alternatively, if you don’t know how to froth milk or don’t have any tools to do so, you can heat up the milk on a stove top for some of the effect. 

For this specific cup I used Twining’s Lady Grey tea, which has citrus blends as opposed to traditional lavender in Earl Grey.

I also used almond milk as my dairy and frothed milk. Additionally, depending on your dietary needs, it is not terribly hard to find organic, non-GMO, lactose free, and/or naturally sweetened ingredients as substitutes. 

First, steep your tea bag in a half cup of hot water and let sit to desired strength.

Next, mix together a half cup of your preferred milk option and a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract in a separate container and froth or heat on a stove top.

Last, mix in your honey with the steeped tea and top with the frothed or heated milk. 

That’s all it takes! For ultimate satisfaction, enjoy while hot during mild to cold weather.

The blend of sweetness mixed in with the milk and bergamot from the Earl Grey tea make for a cozy morning to mid-afternoon revitalizer. 

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