By Noa Brown

The Scale Modeler’s Guild (SMG) is a club founded early in the fall 2017 semester by engineering students Noa Brown and Ian Bigger. SMG’s goal is to provide an environment for hobbyists to come together to work on plastic scale model kits together.

The club has also made efforts to help promote the hobby and make it available to more people who are constrained by time or money.  

Currently, the club has a vast collection of deconstructed model kits of airplanes and naval ships donated by the faculty adviser, Dr. William Crisler. New members can take a kit from the collection free of charge to build themselves during the club meetings.

Currently the club does not have any funds, but plans are in place to eventually establish a bank account and be able to purchase equipment for members that cannot afford their own. 

During meetings, new members are also offered help and advice with building their model kits. New members can learn how to properly sand plastic, use and clean an airbrush, hand brush, weather, and other skills involved in building models.  

SMG is currently conducting group build projects. The group builds are intended to help members develop more skill and attention to detail in the hobby without being overwhelmed with an entire kit. For the current project, about five members are currently constructing a large-scale model of a Bristol Beaufighter from Revell. When complete, the model will be put on display at the next Student Organization fair. 

Students interested in joining SMG can contact the president, Noa Brown, by email at [] or by accessing the club site on Control Tower. The club meets once a week on Fridays in Building 52A from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

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