It is with great pleasure that I, along with all faculty and staff, welcome our new and returning students to the Prescott Campus for the 2017-2018 academic year. I am confident, with support of the dedicated members of the Student Affairs staff, including Residential Housing, Wellness Center, Counseling, Student Engagement (Activities) & Fraternity/Sorority Life, Veteran’s Affairs, Women’s and Diversity Center and the Dean of Students Office, we can work collaboratively to ensure this year is exciting, educational, meaningful, enjoyable and productive.

After over three and a half decades on the Prescott Campus, I have come to believe these two truths.

First, our students – YOU – are among of the brightest, most motivated, and respectful students enrolled in universities in the country. I appreciate being able to work with you and enjoy the vast majority of interactions I’ve experienced.

Second, our students, with the guidance and support of the faculty and staff, define the campus culture by your actions and decisions. YOU have the ability to ensure the Prescott Campus continues to be a nurturing environment that promotes and encourages mutual respect, appreciation for diversity, integrity (both academic and social) and a climate of peer supported safety.

With our largest enrollment in the history of the Prescott Campus, 2017-18 will certainly bring some challenges. However, we’ve created and refined our support opportunities to ensure we can assist you in addressing these challenges and help ensure your academic success and social maturation. T1 residence hall is up and running, with dramatic views of the soccer field and Granite Mountain and construction has started on T2! The Music Department has made significant strides – and those students, who possess a more comprehensive musical background than I, have an outstanding opportunity to get involved – be it with our Choir, Jazz Band or the energy generating Pep Band – we’ve got the music in us. It is certainly an exciting time to be an Eagle.

Student safety remains a high priority and, while we can encourage you to be safe and aware of your surroundings, provide education to assist you in identifying safe choices, support you if you should require assistance – YOU are the single most critical factor in your own personal safety. YOUR decisions help keep you safe or allow you to be put in situations where your personal safety is in jeopardy. Make wise decisions while you experience the tremendous opportunities college life provides. Watch out for your friends too.

Bystander awareness is a critical component in developing a culture of safety, mutual respect and peer support. We firmly believe when students adopt the philosophy of “See Something, Say Something,” we can minimize the negative effects poor decisions have upon students. When you see your fellow students in a compromising or dangerous situation – get involved – we encourage you to intercede and provide positive guidance and support. Whether a classmate is failing to attend class, overindulging in recreational consumption, experiencing bullying behaviors or being put into a non-consensual sexually compromising position – YOU can help prevent further harm by intervening to end the negative actions or activity. Let’s work cooperatively – together – to stop negative behaviors and reinforce mutual respect and support.

Welcome to college! You have begun the best years of your life. Get involved, meet new friends, embrace new experiences and seek assistance when needed.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of a campus of our size is the student’s access to faculty and staff that can support you in dealing with your personal, academic or professional challenges. Do not hesitate to identify and utilize a staff or faculty mentor in assisting you with difficult situations or decisions you may encounter.

The Dean of Students Office is located in Building 49. Sally Jackson, (Office Manager), Liz Frost, (Associate Dean of Students/Title IX Compliance Officer), Deb Campbell (Title IX Investigator and Trainer) and I are here to assist you with any question or concern. If we cannot answer your question, we can direct you to someone who can!

We look forward to working together to provide a safe and supportive environment that will ensure a dynamic and memorable Embry Riddle educational experience for everyone.

Larry K. Stephan,
Dean of Students

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