School is back in session, and we are all busy. As students, I’m sure you’re all feeling a bit frazzled as you sort out your fall academic schedule, join new clubs or sports teams, and adjust to new roommates and living arrangements.

The Industry/Career Expo is on Thursday, October 5th and will be here before you know it. The last thing you want to do is show up unprepared.

Fitting in a bit of preparation before the big day will go a long way. Follow these steps, and you will be ready to navigate the expo floor.

  1. Research

Contact your Career Services professional to learn the list of companies attending the Expo this year.

Spend some time researching each company and deciding which ones you would like to visit on the day of the Expo.

If an employer is going to hire you, they are going to expect that you know some background on the company, their mission, and their products. Stand out by speaking their language.

You can also target your elevator pitch to each company by matching your skillset to their needs. On the day of the Expo, visit the list of companies on your list first.

This way you know you spent your time at the Career Expo speaking to the companies that interest you and not wandering around wondering which company may be the best fit for you.

  1. Apply Beforehand

Make an even bigger impression by applying to open positions before the Career Expo.

Mention to each company representative that you have already applied to one (or several) open positions and are interested in the next step in the application process.

Some recruiters will be conducting on-campus interviews, and if they like you, you have already completed the first step in the application process, which is a big bonus for them.

  1. Organize Your Resumes

Tailor your resume to each company you are interested in applying to at the Career Expo.

Then, make a system such as color coding using sticky tabs so you can quickly pull out the correct resume when speaking to an employer.

The last thing you want to do is grab inside your portfolio and hand the wrong resume to the wrong employer.

  1. Explore and Circle Back

So far, you have researched the companies, applied to the ones that interest you the most, and organized your resumes. You are planning on visiting the top companies on your list first to ensure you don’t run out of time.

Now what? Don’t leave the Expo once you’ve visited your top companies. Take some time to explore and learn about additional opportunities.

You may be pleasantly surprised. And, after you have taken some time to explore, circle back to a couple of your top choices.

The Expo tends to calm down towards the end, so this is your opportunity to speak to a top recruiter in a calmer setting and reiterate your interest in their company and to make an even stronger impression.





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