Hello from the Women’s and Diversity Center. We have a busy few weeks coming up, and we invite you to join us for everything.

Our next event following the PRIDE Party last Thursday, Sept. 14, is the Women’s Welcome.

The event will host new and returning women students, joined by women’s organizations on campus including the Women’s Ambassador Program, Women in Aviation, Society of Women Engineers, AST, Women Vets of Embry-Riddle, and other invited organizations.

Learn of ways to get involved and meet a variety of staff and faculty in addition to women student leaders. This will be held on Thursday, Sept. 21, 4:30 – 6 in the Hangar.

Our welcomes would not be complete without our welcome for Students, Faculty, and Staff of Color.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, Sept. 27. At 4:30 we will present Peter Bloch Garcia, Founder and Executive Director of the Latino Community Fund of Washington State.

He is our featured speaker for Latin@ Heritage Month. Following his talk will be the reception for all attendees, all people of color, and the Embry-Riddle community.

We are “Celebrating Communities of Color” this academic year. Our programming will be focused on showcasing people of color throughout events and activities.

Our campus will benefit from seeing African-Americans, Latin@s, Asian-Americans, and First Nations people in leadership and academic roles.

We want to inspire our students of color, and the campus as a whole. Lastly, it will allow us to teach a bit about various U.S. cultural groups and intersectionalities.

National events continue to buffet colleges and universities, and we are not immune to their effects. Our hearts go out to the DACA Dreamers, faced with a cruel future.

If you are a Dreamer, please contact the Women’s and Diversity Center, or any trusted ERAU staff or faculty member, if you need help navigating this time of uncertainty.

There is also concern regarding potential changes to national guidelines regarding sexual assault on campuses.

Regardless of how that plays out, please know we are your ally in keeping our students safe from sexual assault, sexual harassment, and discrimination of all types.

Our office, in the Student Union Room 107, runs on ideas and involvement. If you have a programming or event idea, or want to create a new club on campus, we can help you make that happen.

Join us for the above events and others throughout the semester and year. I guarantee you will have a good time AND learn a little something!

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