By: Reece Cabanas

From time to time I would go to restaurants and choose water when asked for my drink preference. Half the time, a slice of lemon is either floating in the water or wedged on the rim of my glass. Curious, I researched the reason behind restaurants serving lemon slices in water and eventually ended up on a tangent. A search for lemon slices in water eventually turned into a search of lemon juice in water, or simply lemon water.

To finish my first thought, restaurants serve lemon slices in their water to enhance flavor and help mask the weird taste added by their filtration systems. Likewise, squeezing raw lemon juice into your own water does the same thing, but can have more benefits than taste alone.

From the research I gathered, putting freshly squeezed lemon juice into regular drinking water is a common practice used in body detoxification. However, most detox recipes call for lemon juice, or sometimes a lemon wedge, mixed in with other ingredients such as cinnamon or honey to get more results.

Some apparent pros of drinking lemon water include the following: detoxification, increase in energy, improvement of digestive health, improvement of the immune system, increase in metabolism and weight loss promotion, hydration, radiant skin, and much more.

With pros there must also be cons; lack of detox evidence, temporary weight loss, hunger and blood sugar issues, and tooth decay are among the downfalls to this concoction. Depending on how often a person drinks lemon water, problems may start to occur. When not taken in moderation, the pros can quickly turn into cons.

I decided to try implementing lemon water into my daily routine for a good week and a half. Because I drank the lemon water in the morning before taking care of my hygiene, I felt no problems with my teeth since I brushed them almost immediately after consumption. Around the fourth day, I got acclimated to the taste of this highly acidic drink. By the end of the week I noticed I dropped two pounds and was feeling healthier and more energized as a result.

Unfortunately, that week was a bad indicator of whether the lemon water had any effect on my overall health. I had started going to the gym more often a few days before starting this routine, so the change in energy and well-being may have been due to working out more.

Let me state that I am no health expert. However, I encourage people to incorporate lemon water into their daily routine for about a week just to see if it works for them. Then, take a short break before resuming as drinking in excess may prove harmful. Despite the results and despite the initial taste, lemon water can prove to be a refreshing pick-me-up to start your day.

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