By: Lynda Roberts
Student Life Correspondent

Bearded men are more wildly popular than ever these days. Both blue and white collars workers are sporting the facial hair in many different styles.

Beards have been a symbol throughout the ages of various things including wealth, higher-education, and religion. Beards came into fashion in the Middle Ages, but modern society did not always tolerate bearded men in the business world.

Some cultures consider it absolutely essential for the male population to have beards while other cultures view bearded men as savages. Beards have long been a sign of strength and virility and sexual prowess.

While some ancient armies required their soldiers to grow beards to frighten the enemy, others were instructed to be clean-shaven. Alexander the Great thought that the beard could be used as a handle for the enemy to grab hold of for their advantage while fighting hand to hand combat and insisted his men be shaven.

Bearded Villains is an international organization devoted to the bearded man. There are 85 world-wide chapters and the president is Fred Von Knox.

The organization was originally founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, California, with the purpose of showcasing bearded men with character from all walks of life. They are far from being villains with all the philanthropic work they do it help people in need of assistance.

There are chapters in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Greece, Netherlands, Australia, Mexico and 25 states in the USA. The Bearded Villains is still growing and invites new members to join.

Bearded Villains have fun with their group and also sell Bearded Villains clothing and memorabilia online. There are lots of photos and video clips to check out our bearded friends.

The Bearded Villains mission statement is, “To unite Bearded Men of all cultures, races, creed and sexuality in a brotherhood devoted to loyalty, honor, family and respect to the betterment of mankind through fraternity, charity and kindness.” The Bearded Villains are in fact raising money and volunteering help for the victims of Hurricane Harvey at this time of dire circumstances in Texas.

President Von Knox says about Bearded Villains, “We are a brotherhood of elite bearded men from all over the world. Check out our Instagram @BEARDEDVILLAINS and see for yourself.” You may contact the Bearded Villains at [] and Instagram President Fred Von Knox @Von_Knox.

At Embry-Riddle we have our very own Bearded Villain at Earhart’s Dining Hall with Supervisor, Jayme Rutkoski. Rutkoski has been with Sodexo Dining Services for one year. He is an online student at ASU in his junior year and is studying Web Design. Rutkoski started with a goatee and has advanced to a full thick beard. Rutkoski says, “My beard is really convenient and the ladies like it a lot.” Enough said.

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