By Zoe Crain

On the evening of Thursday, September 7, 2017 over 100 clubs and organizations crammed themselves into the Activity Center for the Fall 2017 Activity Fair.

Taking place directly after the All-Campus Barbecue that began at 5:00 p.m., at least 300 new students did their rounds through the maze of tables, stopping at activities that called to them.

Among the represented clubs were SpikeBall, Forge Club, Music Club, Greek affiliations, and Eagle Aerosport (EAS).

Though there were no spoken presentations this semester, as have been done in the past, other forms of advertising for respective clubs began to emerge from the woodwork.

Tiny quadcopters flew overhead, causing students to search out the source of the incessant buzzing and small drafts of wind.

As is becoming tradition, Zachary Davis finagled his way through the throngs of people, bearing the SpikeBall flag on a big stick.

“Zach is what made us successful today, honestly,” said SpikeBall President Bea Mallari. “SpikeBall is just as rad as ever, and we have even more games including Can Jam and a bunch of others.”

Around 6:30p.m., the Desert Eagle Drumline, one of the groups affiliated with the Eagle Music Club, performed a set of cadences.

The Drumline consists of four bass drums, two tenor drums, and three snare drums. Even with the number of students in the Activity Center, the line was loud enough to bring side conversations at the fair to a halt.

Cameras flashed as the line filled the Center with sick beats for approximately five minutes, and when the final reverberations faded away the audience’s applause almost seemed quiet.

Around the corner from the deafening drums, Forge Club pulled in roughly 55 new members with their array of metal and leatherwork on their table.

But perhaps the most interesting set of tables, tucked away in the back corner, consisted of some little mentioned engineering groups.

Among them were National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE). These little-known groups are decently new on campus, with SASE beginning its national chapter on campus just this semester.

“We’re a new group on campus, but I’m here to answer any questions anyone has!” said point of contact Yashica Khatri.

All in all, as per usual, the Activity Fair was a successful event: even though the number of clubs and organizations is starting to overwhelm the Activity Center.

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