By: Madison Landry


“What’s Your WORD?” is the question everyone is asking. Coined by the latest company sweeping the nation, MyIntent, the question is intended to inspire “meaningful conversations and positive change.”

22f35c6d-d99d-4dd5-a898-1ecefd1185b6-crop_1706x903_6414-resize_1200x630-format_jpeg-inline_yes MyIntent creates silver or gold tokens stamped with a word or words of your choosing, up to 14 characters in length. Each token is handcrafted and can be purchased individually, with a bracelet, or with a necklace.

MyIntent is based out of Los Angeles, California but operates and ships all over the world. The price ranges from $11 for just the token to $55 for a dainty precious metal necklace.

However, most people opt for the classic bracelet at $18 which has five different color options for the bracelet band; black, red, purple, blue, and cream.

MyIntent was created with the mindset, “We believe there is purpose inside each of us and we want our efforts to encourage people to share more truth and inspiration with each other.

We are not a jewelry company – we are an intentions project.” They also have popular word bracelets available, including words like balance, passion, impact, and breathe.

Each word has a story, here are some celebrities’ words and stories:


Gerard Butler: POWER, PEACE, and PURPOSE

“Using martial arts therapy, Kids Kick Cancer teaches ill children to regain a sense of control over the chaos of their lives and become empowered partners in their own healing. Martial arts techniques unlock the student’s POWER, and the focused breathing and relaxation work brings them PEACE. While teaching our Breath Brake to others, they find great PURPOSE in their young lives. This helps them push away the message of pain, provide inspiration to others facing life-challenges, and see themselves as victors, not victims.”


Torrey DeVitto: WITHIN

“Love wearing my MyIntent necklace. Last year my word was TRUTH and this year my word is WITHIN. Because everything I need is already within me. A simple concept that took a lot of life lessons and 30 years to finally grasp. Everything I was looking for was right in front of me, within me.”


Conan O’Brien: DEATH BED

“I chose DEATHBED – not to be morbid but is this going to matter when I am on my death bed? I get caught up in little things that don’t really matter and this is a reminder to focus on the things that really do matter.”


Kanye West: BEAUTIFY

“Make the world more beautiful”


Amanda Seyfried: VAST SKY

“She chose VAST SKY from her favorite poem because it helps her stay grounded: ‘This world, absolutely pure. As is. Behind the FEAR. VULNERABILITY. Behind that, SADNESS, then COMPASSION. And behind that the VAST SKY. – Rick Fields’”



I chose CONQUEROR. The word CONQUEROR reminds me to keep fighting in spite of my fear. We only have one life, and I want to be a CONQUEROR. Now I challenge you. What’s your WORD?

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