By: Grace Gammello


One of the senior capstone projects offered by the College of Security and Intelligence is SIS 440—Security Operations Management Practicum.

This year’s team, known as “Operation Graduation,” includes students Serene Bray, Sierra Wilfred, Paul Lee, Briana Martinez, Danielle Machado, Grace Gammello, and St. John Smith. Professor Tom Foley instructs the class.

Originally, this course (SIS440) was not a capstone. Foley came up with the idea of doing security reviews on local schools, and the students really liked it, so he made it a real-world practicum when the class became a capstone course.

The premise of this project is to conduct a security audit and review of two schools in the Chino Valley school district. The review provided a basis to write a threat, risk, and vulnerability assessment of the physical security as outlined within the project’s scope, written by the students.

This project will conclude with a finalized report, written by the students, of the team’s security findings, a risk analysis, and physical security recommendations.

This report will be presented to the superintendents of the two schools.

Operation Graduation has completed initial research, interviews with faculty from the two schools, the security survey, and the risk assessment and analysis. The final report is currently underway.

As of right now, the team is working on coherently piecing together physical security recommendations for each school based on the information collected.

The team agrees that the most challenging aspect of the project that still has to be completed is the final report compilation, including the condensation of all the collected information and finding time to get it done whilst fighting senioritis.

Other difficulties experienced by this group this semester include collectively communicating between members, keeping interested with the detail work, and trying to adapt to unexpected challenges.

However, the team also agrees that the opportunity to apply security knowledge to positively and directly impact a real community is extremely exciting. Almost as exciting as finally graduating!

Students in this capstone offer advice: “do your research on your chosen capstone topic, speak with the professor beforehand, and talk with someone who has already taken the course to make sure it’s something you are ready and willing to invest your time into.”

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