Calley Tinsman, Correspondent

The Yavapai Humane Society (YHS) has provided a new line-up of fabulous animals designated as their Pets of the Week. These cats and dogs are available for adoption with the added benefit of no adoption fees. If you have been searching for a furry friend to make a part of your family, consider one of these lovely pets.

pets_wadeWade is the most adorable and friendly Boxer mix you could ever meet. He is seven years old and has a brindle coat with a white underside. One of his most apparent traits is his curiosity – he lives to sniff the world! He is waiting for the perfect family to care for him and take him on exciting journeys. Although curiosity can sometimes get the better of Wade, he is a very well-behaved dog, as he is intelligent and familiar with the commands sit and stay.

pets_disneyThe feline pick this week is Disney, a white and grey Domestic Shorthair mix. Although she has some years on her (ten, to be exact), she is quite playful and enjoys exploring. If you want a cat you can pet and cuddle, Disney is a fine choice. She is content sitting in laps and loves head rubs. She will not hesitate to let you know when she wants attention – she will meow or tap you until she’s satisfied. In her former family, Disney did not get along with other pets, and therefore would fit best in a household where she is the only animal.

All of YHS’s Pets of the Week are spayed or neutered and are adoption ready. If you wish to schedule a meet and greet with Wade, Disney, or any other animals YHS has up for adoption, call the Adoption Center at 928.445.2666. Don’t wait, you could be the lifesaver these animals need.

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