Nghia, an international student of Global Business with a concentration in Chinese and Aviation with a goal of working in the markets of southern Asia, has studied abroad twice and does not plan to stop anytime soon.

thumbnail_2015-12-22-19-56-58Nghia is trying to graduate in May 2018, but will most likely postponing his graduation to incorporate more study abroad. He has already traveled to India and Nepal and is planning back to back studies abroad in the coming semesters.

Nghia will spend spring semester at a university in Hong Kong, the summer at an internship, will then spend the Fall of 2017 abroad with the Semester at Sea program.

Last winter, Nghia went to India and Nepal and, after a short break, went to the Mediterranean and Europe over the summer. Though he couldn’t pick a favorite, he had good things to say about both regions.

Nghia says that India opened his mind, especially in regards to the religious experience, because of the prominence of Hinduism in their culture. One experience he had to share was being in the Gongi River at sunrise, which he exclaimed is “amazing because everything is so amazing.” Nghia stated that India is like a second home for him because of the friends he made there.

While in Montenegro, Greece, and France, he had wanted to see all the amazing places there, the tourist attractions and European history, and he got to see them.

thumbnail_2015-12-26-08-08-54-2For each of his studies abroad, Nghia says he wanted to travel and the faculty convinced him to go by the exciting itinerary they had planned.

He learned about the study abroad to Europe and the Mediterranean through classes with Dr. Carreras and Dr. Greenman, who he then referred to as “Momma-G,” saying, “you can go ahead and put that in there, she’s going to love that. Momma-G is homie.”

Of his overall experience, Nghia says it made him more open-minded and more open to new experiences. He says it was really interesting to see how the students in other countries live and what they are studying and learning.

Nghia’s recommendation is to try the local food, even if it is not the comfort food, and to enjoy the cuisine as a way to experience the culture. You have to get out of your comfort zone and do what the local people do he says. And he adds, “Try different drinks too! Drinking is the fun part. . . it’s so unique.”

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