Jeffrey Boudoin, an AS student with a Global Business minor, has traveled to England, France, Germany, and Ireland in just two studies abroad, making sure to take full advantage of his youthful energy and opportunity.

thumbnail_img_0761On the Study Abroad page on ERNIE, Boudoin discovered the first study abroad in which he participated, a program through the Daytona Beach campus that would take him to London, England, Paris, France, and Meunich and Salisbury, Germany.

The class was pertinent to his major and because he could travel to so many places in only a month, he chose to go. As a bonus, he got to meet students from Daytona Beach, one of which he keeps in touch with to this day!

As for his studies, Boudoin studied Aviation Appreciation the professor only required two to three hours of classwork a day and would even release them early to go explore some days. Boudoin says the class was very easy and he and his classmates would often prepare for class on the elevator on their way down to class.

thumbnail_imag0619Most of their class work was to prepare and present an itinerary of their plans for exploring each day, making their experiences abroad of central importance. Boudoin studied abroad a second time just last spring with Professor Deanna Austin in Ireland. Like many of the students who traveled to Ireland, one of his primary reasons for going was because Professor Austin talked him into it.

This was a two week trip after a semester of meeting once a week for two hours each during the semester. But the presentations, exams, and lectures were worth the knowledge! Moreover, Professor Austin was very helpful throughout the semester in preparing the students to go abroad.

While he was in Ireland, Boudoin says the schedule was very busy. Starting the day at 6 a.m., getting home at 11 p.m., riding a bus all over the countryside every day, and staying in a different hotel almost every night, he says it made him feel like they were a rock band on a tour.

thumbnail_img_1104Given the chance to share one thing about his experience studying abroad, Jeffrey would tell you: “When you’re first getting ready to study abroad, you think you’re going to grow in your knowledge of the subject, but you don’t realize how much you’re going to grow as a person.”

For Boudoin, studying abroad had a major effect on his perspective, making him more appreciative of how we live in the states and how people live in other cultures, more tolerant of cultural differences here and abroad, and more open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. His advice: do the research and take the opportunity to study abroad.

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