Dear ERAU Students,

Through the Exchange Program at Embry Riddle I was able to grant my wish in studying abroad that fit within my financial limitations.

This program suited me perfectly because I was able to spend this entire semester abroad taking some classes that fit my major of Forensic Biology as well as some fun elective classes such as Irish Dance and Music and Celtic Civilization.

My ultimate purpose for studying in Ireland was to get to know my family that lives throughout the country as well as to travel.



The academics at the University of Limerick are set up differently than at Riddle in the fact that most of the classes have no homework and only consist of a midterm and final exam and all the classes are very large; however, my overall experience was good and I was able to fit into their academic system smoothly.

The one thing I absolutely loved about the University of Limerick was the numerous and very diverse clubs/societies they offered.

From International society to Surf Club to Trampoline and Gymnastics Club to Tea Appreciation Club, there is a specific club that you can be active in and fuel your hobbies.

Being given this opportunity has allowed me to cherish every moment I spend here while also allowing myself to learn the most about the culture and people wherever I travel to.
Keelia Kavanagh

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