Calley Tinsman, Correspondent

Last month, Circle L Ranch Animal Rescue and Sanctuary collaborated with Mesa Animal Control and Ironwood Pig Sanctuary to extricate numerous mistreated animals from a terrible hoarding situation in Mesa, AZ. Over 40 animals were found living in filth and without sufficient feed. Circle L is still reeling from the additional duties that emerged when they devoted themselves to taking all of these animals into the ranch.

Among the animals saved were 31 pot belly pigs and piglets, ten chicks, and two rabbits. Two of the pigs shortly gave birth to 12 more piglets, and two pigs are still expecting. The ranch has been overwhelmed with the number of animals and has been calling on volunteers to build more shelters and donors to raise funds for the care of the animals.

The mission of Circle L Ranch is to provide a safe place for animals unsuitable for adoption and to find caring homes for the adoptable ones. Many of these adorable pigs are available for adoption. Anyone interested in adopting a pig as a pet is encouraged to call the Circle L Ranch farm animal line at 928.925.1926.

In order to raise funds, Circle L founder Dr. Deborah Wilson created a GoFundMe page in which any generous person can donate a dollar amount of their choosing. The money is being used to build shelters to house the enormous influx of pigs, spay or neuter them all, and provide each pig with the appropriate vaccinations. Circle L is just over two-thirds of the way toward completing their goal to raise $9,500.

In addition, just in time for Christmas, Circle L is holding a quilt raffle. A gorgeous, horse-themed quilt was finely crafted and donated to Circle L Ranch to raise funds for the care of their animals. Raffle tickets are only $5 each, or five for $20, and all purchases are made online via PayPal. The drawing will be held Dec. 19.

Circle L Ranch Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is passionate about what they do. The operation of the ranch would not be possible if it were not for their devoted volunteers and generous donors. With help from many, Circle L was able to successfully provide shelter, care, and food for the animals that were rescued during the hoarding raid. They also tend to more than 200 additional animals that call the ranch their home. For more information regarding their animals, mission, and how to get involved, visit their website at [].

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