By: Joseph Grosjean,


The lights in the theater dim and the popular Marvel Studios logo dances across the silver screen. Yes, it’s time for yet another Marvel Studios blockbuster, the long anticipated “Dr. Strange.” The film provides us with the origin story of one of Marvel’s most mystical heroes, Dr. Stephen Strange, a neurosurgeon turned sorcerer. The movie reveals Strange’s turn from an ego filled, self-centered individual, to a person willing to commit to something bigger than him. The movie also reveals several new points in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Overall, Marvel’s Dr. Strange is worth seeing.


“Dr. Strange” is an incredible film. The film provides an excellent introduction and backstory to Dr. Strange and his fellow sorcerers, continued to enlarge the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as drop some hints towards the “Infinity Wars” movies. The effects are gorgeous and even paid some homage to the original comics’ colorful style.
The script was well written and carries the audience through the journey and transformation of Dr. Strange. This movie was not in the same league as “Guardians of the Galaxy” which took a group of little known characters, even to comic enthusiasts, and turned them into a blockbuster. Dr. Strange was more on the level of “Ant Man” as it gave us a character introduction, some good action, and so on.

The humor in Dr. Strange was good, I would expect nothing less from Marvel, though nowhere near the level of Spiderman in “Captain America: Civil War.” The climax of the movie was remarkable as we witnessed Dr. Strange defeat Dormmamu by repeatedly respawning and asking the same question over and over again. The final scenes reveal that Dr. Stange’s mentor, Mordo, is starting taking deadly measures to reduce the number or sorcerers in the world. This of course opens the possibilities for a sequel Dr. Strange movie or an Avenger’s collaboration. Finally, the famed slot of the post-credit scene is taken up with an interview for the Avengers between Thor and Dr. Strange. Overall I would recommend “Dr. Strange,” especially if you are a longtime Marvel fan.

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