Marquette Davis

In honor of International Education Week this week, the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott campus hosted two panels, one faculty-led and one student-led, to share experiences and ask questions about past and future studies abroad.

The faculty-led panel on Tuesday, November 15, hosted Professors Leann Chen, Billy Crisler, Karen Meunier, and Ricardo Carreras. Though few students showed up, some made an appearance to support professors they had studied abroad with in the past along with other curious faculty members. Those attending excitedly asked questions of the panel.

Leann Chen spoke on her programs in China. Billy Crisler spoke about his study abroad in Sweden, passionately encouraging other faculty members to set up their own studies abroad. Ricardo Carreras spoke with a wide range of knowledge on study abroad, having participated in 14 different programs himself. Karen Meunier spoke on her adventures through the United Kingdom, emphasizing her love for how the small group of students with her came together to support each other on the trip. All but one of Meunier’s past study abroad students were able to come together again to support her on Tuesday at the panel!

On Wednesday, November 16, four students spoke and answered general questions about their study abroad experiences.

John Marbut spent a year in Germany on a UAS7 scholarship. During the 2015 fall semester, he was in Munich at the University of applied sciences. Marbut also spent a couple of weeks in Ecuador with an engineering class mapping the rainforest with drones. In the spring of 2016, he was based at the university of applied sciences in Bremen and did an internship with Airbus where he was on a team with two people from Cameroon, one from South Korea, one from Greece and one from Poland. During this time, he traveled all over Europe.

Duran Delgadillo spoke about five weeks he spent in Morocco in the summer 2016, and Keelia Kavanagh spoke about a semester she spent in Ireland.

Anna Skelton spoke of her study abroad in Austria in the summer of 2016, which she accomplished through the University of New Orleans in Innsbruck, Austria, taking history and humanities classes. Among her many great stories from the trip, she shared one particularly exciting event: at the top of a mountain peak in Germany, she ran into another ERAU Prescott student who was studying in Munich through a Daytona study abroad program!

These panels are excellent opportunities to hear from real people about real stories and learn about how you can study abroad. Look for these panels every semester during International Education week, and, above all, GO ABROAD.

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