Tex Barron

Once there was a little girl. However, this was no ordinary girl. This little girl was a witch named Lily. Lily loved to read and her favorite author was Louis Carol, the same man who wrote “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass.” Even though Lily loved to read, she didn’t get much time to do it because she was always training and learning about being a witch.

She liked learning new things, but she found homework to be tedious. She really just wanted to be able to get lost in a story. One day she was learning about potions. Lily found that she had a talent for mixing potions. She could make love potions and intellect potions; she could even bottle fame and fortune. Her teacher, Ms. Rose was a good instructor, but she was strict and insisted that Lily work harder and harder every day to become even better at mixing potions.

During this lesson with Ms. Rose, Lily was learning how to brew a healing potion. Everything was going well until Lily accidentally spilled a bottle of sleeping potion. The aroma of the potion rose into the air and floated toward where Ms. Rose was sitting. It twirled around her head like a dragon and slithered into her nose. Within a moment Ms. Rose had drifted to sleep.

Noticing that her teacher had fallen asleep, Lily decided to end her lesson early. She quietly snuck away and went to find her book. She retrieved it from under her reading tree and sat to pick up where she left off. Lily was right at the part of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland where Alice had just fallen down the rabbit hole and was discovering the strange world within. This gave Lily an idea.

Generally, Lily was a very good girl. She was studious, kind, and quite mature for her young age of six years old. However, when the mood struck her she had her mischievous side. Today was such a time when her mischievous side came out. Thinking of the wonderful world of Louis Carol’s novel, Lily decided to cast a spell that would change her world and make it as fantastic and strange as Wonderland.

With a wave of her hand and an incantation from her tongue, she began turning things into nonsense. She changed the sky first. Lily has always wondered what it would look like if the clouds and the lakes changed places. In an instant, there were rolling waves above her head and white, puffy clouds around her feet. Next she changed the ground. She put feathers in place of grass, while birds’ feathers turned to blades of green.

Lily was having so much fun. She shrunk the trees to the size of flowers, and she grew the flowers to the size of trees. She was just about to give the fish butterfly wings when she heard Ms. Rose begin to wake up from her slumber. As quickly as she had created her wonderland, she made it disappear.

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