Brandon Dudley, Online Editor

The 2016 presidential election turned out to be an extremely close election which people had expected to be a complete blowout. Many were predicting Hillary Clinton’s seat in the Oval Office to be secure, yet citizens across the states surprised many observers by supporting Donald Trump, resulting in an electoral win for Trump despite a popular vote victory for Clinton.

While some rejoice in Donald Trump’s election, this turn of events in American history could turn out quite tragically. Electing such a man as Trump President of the United States defies a great deal of what the United States stands for.

When a figure of national renown speaks ill towards someone’s race, gender, or social class, that person is often related back to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. While claiming Donald Trump is on the same level of Hitler is absolutely incorrect and ridiculous, there are similarities that sound all too familiar. These similarities can often be found in his public speeches while running for president.

One of Trump’s most notorious campaign promises was the idea of building a wall between the Mexican and American border to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country. He at one point claimed a superior court judge’s word could not be trusted on account of him being Mexican. Another instance of such racism, but this time towards the Muslim populace, had Trump questioning the sacrifice of the parents of a Muslim soldier based on his inheritance.

Such words and acts approach hate crime levels of discrimination that do not accurately reflect the American people, where diversity and being one’s own self is highly supported. Not only did he make very racist remarks, rather sexist and inappropriate comments were also made during his campaign that clearly objectified women.

In a day and age where diversity is such a struggle in the United States, someone who clearly stands as a brick wall only further enlarges the issue and pulls back progress made towards an equal America. Showing favoritism towards one ethnicity, gender, etc. only brings about more chaos and discord to a country, expounded by the fact the person showing such is the country’s leader.

History is meant to be studied and learned from in order to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. Germany experienced the rather unfortunate events of being ruled by Adolf Hitler and the effects from his rule were felt upon the world for decades afterwards. Men and women who speak such hate and discrimination do not often leave the world a better place.

Nothing is for certain; people can change and one cannot judge a book by its cover. Nonetheless, the national reaction to Donald Trump’s election as president has shaken America to the core. The voice of the people is an important asset America has in its arsenal and ignoring it could possibly be a dire mistake.

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