By Meaghan Moeller

Music Club is comprised of six groups: Pep Band, Desert Eagles Drum Line, Concert Band, Altitunes Choir, Swingin’ Eagles Jazz Band, and the newest group, String Ensemble.

These six groups practice at different times throughout the week, and some groups perform regularly on campus or in the Prescott area. All groups perform in the Spring Concert each year.

Pep Band performs regularly at the men’s and women’s basketball games, and was formed when students in the Music Club’s Concert Band and Drum Line found out about the men’s basketball team last year and wanted to support the team.

Drum Line plays at basketball games with Pep Band and at the Orientation Welcomes in the fall. Since Fall 2014, Drum Line has grown to include 12 active members.

Currently, their main purpose is to play at basketball games as a part of Pep Band.

The Concert Band has about fourteen active members, and is hoping to grow even bigger for a better range of instruments so that it would be possible for the Concert Band to perform at more events.

Concert Band hopes to have enough members in coming years to perform at Open Arts Night.

The Choir performs the National Anthem at some school sporting events, including the inaugural games of both basketball teams over the past two years.

Choir also performs at Open Arts Night, Acker Night in Prescott, and sings the ERAU Alma Mater at the graduations in both semesters.

The Jazz Band also performs at Acker night, as well as performing at formal staff parties and the swing dance club every Thursday night.

Jazz Band is one of the larger groups in the Music Club, and they have a full band for the first time this year.

The newest group in Music Club is the String Ensemble, who will be performing for the first time at Open Arts Night on Nov. 19. Of the six active members, one is an Embry-Riddle staff member!

The String Ensemble would gladly welcome more members, especially those who play cello, or bass, to bring more variety to their sound.

The Music Club’s director, Mr. Jonathan McNeely, was new last year and, since joining the Embry-Riddle staff, has “helped the program grow massively,” says club President Zoe Crain.

Crain attributes the growing success of Music Club to McNeely’s willingness to work to student schedules.

McNeely says that he feels “privileged to provide instruction” to the Music Club and that he will continue to develop the program.


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