The women’s soccer team played a quality game against William Jessup University. For the first half, our defense was very strong, getting some very good boots down the field whenever the ball would get near our goal. A solid performance by both the defense and the offense got Embry-Riddle the win.

 The first half seemed to be pretty evenly matched. Both the Eagles and William Jessup were seemingly avoiding the center of the field and were playing mostly on the sidelines. The were good looks and quick movements from goal to goal with very little time in the middle. Both teams also were keeping the ball on one side of the field while they had possession. Passing across the field was a very uncommon occurrence.

 The scoring started out very quickly with a goal at two minutes in by William Jessup. Coach Todd Poitras proclaimed that letting the opposing team score early was uncharacteristic of the Lady Eagles, but they came back strong regardless. The statistics speak to this, as the Lady Eagles did in fact get a shot on goal at five minutes, and another at eight minutes. William Jessup answered back with two more shots on goal at nine and 10 minutes. With quick and controlled ball movement, Kalyn Goodenough of Embry-Riddle scored a goal at 15 minutes. Then started the intense ball movement around the midfield from side to side. One team would have possession and then give it up, only to get the ball back after only a few passes from the opposition. The first half ended with William Jessup getting two more shots on goal.

 The second half of the game was much better than the first for Embry-Riddle. Coach Poitras mentioned that the game plan they were utilizing was working the way that they wanted it to, however the team just needed to become more focused and aware. Five minutes into the second half, the Lady Eagles shot on their goal, nearly missing. The Lady Eagles would immediately got the ball back and score a goal at 53 minutes. The goal was made by Amie Jepsen from about the edge of the goal box. After a great effort from the Lady Eagle defense, another goal was made by Riley Stevenson at 63 minutes. In between the two goals and after three goal made by Riley, the game was at a stalemate.

The game would end with a 2-1 win for Embry-Riddle. A great way to continue the season, on our way to winning to the championship once again.

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