The Eagles now stand at 1-1 for the season after a decisive victory over Simpson University on Sept. 4. The Eagles had to change venues because of field maintenance at the regular Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University soccer field; instead, they played at Mountain Valley Park in Prescott Valley. Similar to the home Eagles field, the Mountain Valley field was well lit, packed with ERAU fans, and home to another Eagles victory.

The game started slowly with both sides fighting for control of the ball, but within the first several minutes, The Eagles established nearly complete dominance. The ball rarely seemed to cross to the Riddle side of the center, and when it did, the defense quickly moved it back up to the offense.

Fifteen minutes into the game, The Eagles scored the first point of the night with a header by Keldon Hatch. The Eagles shot a corner kick into the center and headed it towards the goal, but a Simpson player blocked it and hit it back. Hatch then headed the ball just past the Simpson goalkeeper and put The Eagles on the scoreboard.

Ten minutes later, Hatch raised the score again and widened the lead. Hatch kicked in a ball from the corner and it arced perfectly to the front of the goal. When it hit in front of the goal, it bounced off the opposing keeper and went into the goal. With this second goal, the score reached 2-0, putting The Eagles solidly in the lead.

Only two minutes later, with 18 minutes remaining in the first half, Ryan Holt scored the third goal of the evening and brought the score to 3-0. Holt, usually a defender, received the ball from a bounce shortly after yet another corner kick and deftly shot the ball down towards the ground. The ball bounced up and over the opposing keeper into the goal.

In a lighter moment, Nick Uzunyan lost a shoe, but he managed to get his shoe back on while still holding Simpson at bay. Just before the half, Denis Power managed to net a ball with the assistance of Thomas Busser, but the referees did not count the goal, and the first half ended with The Eagles leading by three, which allowed Coach Pearce to put in substitutes for the next half.

The second half played more slowly than the first, but The Eagles continued to dominate the ball and keep it far away from their own goal. The final goal came when Isaac Sanchez adeptly swept through the Simpson defense and scored a shot that went straight past the keeper. This brought the score to 4-0, which was the final score.

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