On the twelfth anniversary evening of Sept. 11, 2001, ten hungry male students embarked on a mission to devour as many World of Wings Cafe hot wings as possible. It was a feat that even required a contract to be signed for liability reasons. The contestants had an eight minute time limit to consume as much of the two pound box of hot wings that they were given. These wings were drenched in the specialty sauce that WOW claims to be the hottest they have to offer.

As the countdown began, students were cheering on the contestants as they waited to face the heat. When the eight minutes started, contestants began wolfing down their hot wings as fast as they possibly could. Sweat was dripping and tears were rolling, but the competition continued. What seemed like a short time for observers was long and grueling for the contestants who ate as if it was their first meal in days. Soon enough it was over, and contestants were fleeing to the restroom and reaching for their large cups of water.

The manager of WOW, acting as the judge, collected the remaining wings of each contestant and deducted it from the original two pounds. After a few minutes of simple arithmetic, a winner had emerged.

Contestant Yonatan Mikre claimed victory by consuming just over one pound (1.1 pounds to be exact) of wings. By achieving victory over his competitors, Yonatan received his picture on the WOW wall of fame next to the two previous victors of the competition. This event is hosted every semester, with $25 in dining dollars as first prize. After being announced as the victor, the only thing he could say was “It was hot.”

The two runner-ups of the competition were each granted $10 dining dollars and a miserable burning sensation in their mouths. If you missed the event, there’s no need to worry since it will be hosted again next semester, where a new winner will emerge.


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