The Activity Center was full to bursting on Sept. 12 at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as all the campus clubs were out in force to show off their clubs and organizations. Eighty plus organizations signed up to inform and recruit their peers in activities they were passionate about.

As students first arrived they were greeted by the Department of Student Activities and BCA for passport stickers. Behind them were tables that filled the Activity Center. University affiliated organizations like the Alumni Association, Horizons Newspaper, RHA, and the Veterans Association were there to inform students of organizations within the university.

In the front corner the Greek organizations were proudly sporting t-shirts with their letters. They were eager to talk and get to know potential brothers and sisters. Also represented were the various intramural and club sports teams. The Golden Eagles Flight team was showing off their National Championship trophies, while nearby The Black Sheep Rugby teams and the Ice Eagles were talking to students trying to get them in the competitive spirit for the coming season. The Swim, Bike, Run club and Bowling club was also recruiting for some fun activities this semester.

Some clubs at the Fair were just starting up, while other clubs were restarting with new leadership and others were doing something new to attract new members. The Combatives, originally only for ROTC cadets, have now opened up their club to anyone who wants to learn a ground-based self-defense style based on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Combatives member Tyler Worley said they are trying to “increase the number of women in the club that are non-ROTC.” Other martial arts and self-defense groups were also there showing off some really cool moves. Zachary Spahr, a freshman, has restarted the Taekwondo club and when asked about the student interest in his club he said, “so far, so good, everyone seems down to try stuff.”

Hobbies like poker, tabletop and video games, drama, ballroom dancing, and HAM radio were some of the activities represented for those who want to hang out with friends and have some fun.

A familiar sight in the ERAU Activity Center was the zombie, a character for the widely popular campus game of Humans vs. Zombies. Sporting a sword to the chest and munching on a foot, the zombie had “brains” to say about the turnout at the fair. A brand new club was the Brotherhood of Steel, a gathering people who were interested in metallurgy and blacksmithing. The club is working to be one day self-sufficient through selling their creations.

Cultural associations were they’re reaching out to students interested in travel and culture. The International Student Association, ISA, was looking for students who would like to participate in the International Festival in the Spring or to just hang out with other students from around the world. Across the way the Middle Eastern Students Association was looking for students interested in or from the middle east to join and share their experiences while practicing their Arabic. Also represented was the Hawaii Club, Eagle Eye, and others.

Plenty of academic and professional organizations showed up to get students involved in organizations dedicated to professional and academic development. A few professional organizations represented were IEEE, ASA, the Society of Women Engineers, and Silver Wings. The Jet Dragster Project, VEX Robotics, the UAV Club, and NASA Space Grant covered their tables with their various projects from the past semesters hoping to draw in some new talent.

Kellie Wallace from VEX Robotics said she had seen “lots of excited freshman” out there looking at the projects. An ambitious project was the Dreamscape Imagineers, who through their work will try to build and design their own light, water, and mechanical show to present to Disney. While the Innovation Club is opening up a lab for students to come by and build with other innovators whatever they want.

Many more clubs were represented and everyone who passed through the Activity Center found something that caught their interest. Coordinator of Student Activities Teri Poucher said, “This is one of my favorite events of the year. I love seeing everyone’s passion and excitement about what they love.” The excitement was tangible and all the clubs and organizations were represented by members who love what they do. It was a great turnout and it will be an eventful semester with all of these organizations gearing up to do some amazing things.

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