Ember Fx is an up-and-coming band with pop, electronic, and techno element. The group’s lead singer and songwriter Michael Berns recently talked with Horizons about their new album “Lights & Action”, released this month.
When asked about what first got him started in music, Berns responded, “It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do.” His mom purchased a toy microphone speaker when he was seven or eight. He would set it up on the landing of the staircase where everyone could see him, and he would put on a little show. Berns said it was hilarious.
After a while of talking we got on the subject of where he saw the band going and where the band as a whole wanted to go. Berns plans on “doing something different.”
On their newest album “Lights & Action”, Berns teamed up with keyboardist Bryan Velasco to co-write all the songs on the new album. The first song on their new album is based off a line from Ferris Bueller’s Day off. He referenced the scene when Ferris’ girlfriend asks him, “what are we going to do today?” and Ferris Bueller responds, “what aren’t we going to do today?” and that is what sets the theme for their new album.
When asked how the recording went with famous music engineers John Joseph Puig and Joe Zook, Berns responded, “I took lots of notes, once I got over feeling awestruck. They’re brilliant guys. Puig’s recording studio has 90 audio compressors, which is a lot since most studios only have 25 to 30.”
Ember Fx has a great future ahead. Berns has his head in the right place and they are doing it right with their music. In the next issue of Horizons, be sure to check out a review of “Lights & Action”.

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