Has anyone heard that ancient Chinese proverb (and curse), “May you live in interesting times”?
There has rarely been a time when the U.S. and the world did NOT live in interesting times. In the twenty-first century, the ubiquity of the web and our 24/7 news cycle inundates us with information from every corner of the globe via television, the internet, newspapers, radio, computers, cellphones, and even jumbotrons in sports arenas and along city streets, big and small.
The issue students often grapple with is how to find the most authoritative sources in support of research for papers, presentations, EAGLE Eye intelligence briefings or everyday academic studies. Part 1 in this occasional series will explore Hazy Library resources, beginning with the GSIS program – Global Security and Intelligence Studies. Watch this space for future columns addressing sources of information for other ERAU fields of study.
Reference Collection – the Basics: For quick hands-on solutions, you can’t go wrong with encyclopedias and reference tools like “The Columbia Gazetteer of the World” (alphabetical listing of regions (country, city, town, rivers, etc. with basic history of a region), “The World Almanac”, “The Statistical Abstract of the U.S.”(now in electronic format), or “Encyclopedia Britannica”. Hazy Library also has the 99-volume set of Oxford University Press’ “Terrorism-Documents of International and Local Control”. Each volume contains complete information detailing the specifics about a topic related to terrorism. Volume 99, for example, is all about Pakistan: Pakistani Legislation, Agreements, Statements and Reports to the UN, US Perspectives and expert testimony and outside reports about trends in violence in that country.
Books & e-books: A search in the library online catalog using basic keyword ‘terrorism’ returns 200 print books in the Hazy Library book collection. Expand the search to include e-books and the number doubles to over 400. Another 600 print books are in the YLN catalog (Yavapai Library Network, 50+ libraries). If we keyword search ‘terrorism’ using Embry-Riddle’s e-brary (e-book) subscription (shared between Prescott and Daytona Beach) over 500 e-books are found, like the 2012 edition of “The Encyclopedia of Terrorism” and “Business Confronts Terrorism: Risks and Responses”. A separate search in the YLN e-brary e-book collection (shared with ERAU-Prescott) discovered a whopping 18,000 e-book documents – from “Terrorism and the Internet to Estimating Terrorism Risk, and Dying to Kill: the Allure of Suicide Terror.”
Academic Magazines: Hazy Library subscribes to Jane’s publications – the authoritative source for geopolitics and defense news, including “Jane’s International Defense Review, Jane’s Intelligence Review, Jane’s Defense Weekly.” We also have print subscriptions to “Critical Studies on Terrorism”, “Terrorism and Political Violence”, “Patterns of Global Terrorism”, “The Journal of Counterterrorism and Homeland Security International”, “Intelligence and National Security”, “International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence”, and “The Journal of International Security Affairs.”
Databases – ERAU spends a bundle on subscription article databases supporting the entire curriculum. In addition to the Big 3 general news databases (ProQuest, Lexis-Nexis, and OmniFile Full Text Mega), we purchase subscriptions to specific GSIS Studies sources: CultureGrams (country data), [Stratfor.com] (news, commentary on social, political events), Digital National Security Archive, Homeland Security Digital Archive, Aviation Week Intelligence Network, Global Terrorism Database, and the ever-awesome Jane’s Defense & Security Intelligence & Analysis – a compendium of intelligence briefings and defense and industrial country studies.
We do indeed ‘live in interesting times’ – the curse of too much information. But these Hazy Library resources may be just the thing to provide you with robust sources of excellent global research and intelligence.
The Hazy Library indeed rocks information resources. Why not give them a try?

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