Starting from September 2013, Horizons will launch a news item called Chinese Corner (汉语角). This is a place for posting students’ submissions in the Chinese language. A picture with captions, a proverb with explanations, announcements, etc. are all welcome. Length should be kept within 100 words.

Here is an example of a short submission. In early August 2013, at the capital of Inner Mongolia, GSIS/Chinese seniors visited the home of the 18th-century Manchurian governor. A plate of the motto of work of the governor states, “日清 日慎 日勤. In the order of the characters the plate means “Be pure, be prudent, be industrious everyday.” The motto reflects that decisions of what to do should be not be for self gain and should be measured carefully before actions are taken.

Please send submissions to Horizons looks forward to upgrading itself in a multilingual format.

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