On Wednesday, April 25, the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Air Force ROTC had their end of the semester change of command ceremony. At the ceremony, the outgoing cadet commander relinquished command to the new incoming cadet commander and vice commander.

The entire AFROTC Detachment 028 participated in the ceremony, and distinguished guests including Dr. Frank Ayers and Colonel Fred Cone. To begin the ceremony, this semester’s commander and vice, Cadets McLellan and Slidenko presented the semester’s Honor Flight and Warrior Flight awards.

Following military tradition, Cadets McLellan and Slidenko then symbolically relinquished the unit’s flag to its commanding officer, Colonel Dennis Malfer. Colonel Malfer then passed the flag to Cadet Dundore, the new cadet commander.

In a demonstration of the unit’s professionalism, the entire command passed for review by Cadet Dundore and his vice commander, Cadet McKenzie. Next, the detachment’s Honor Corps put on a rifle and sabre demonstration. These teams spin replica rifles and swords to show proficiency in military drill and ceremonies.

Finally, the event ended with an awards ceremony, which recognized cadets for their hard work throughout the year. The cadets received several national level awards, scholarships, and local awards.

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