Summer days are quickly approaching and the pool, or beach if you are lucky enough, is calling! Mix up your workout routine with this swimming circuit that will allow you to step outside the gym and take a dip in the pool. This workout features a high intensity interval training style that will keep burning calories even after the workout has been completed. This will not be an easy swim but it will ensure a great cardio session and a nice break from the indoors of the gym.

The workout will begin with a warm up swim at your own pace for one minute and can be done with whichever stroke is prefered.

Once the warm up is completed a minimum of five 50-meter sprints using any stroke will be completed without rest.

After the first round of sprints is completed it is important to hydrate and rest for 30 seconds before the next round is conducted.

Once rested and hydrated, conduct five 100 meter sprints using any stroke and without rest. Once completed take a full minute to rest and hydrate before continuing.

This will end the sprinting segment of the workout and will be followed by a 15-30 minute non-stop swim at regular pace using any stroke desired.

To add twists to the workout incorporate different strokes, underwater swims, and use of a kickboard.

Ensure to properly hydrate throughout the workout and take rest whenever it is absolutely necessary.

This workout will have you drenched with sweat and pool water but it will surely be rewarding. Enjoy the workout and make the most of it by adding your own twists and talents in the water.

-1 minute warm up swim

-5 x 50m-sprint freestyle

-30 second rest

-5 x 100m sprints

-1 minute rest

-15-30 minute swim at regular pace

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