Kerbal Space Program, a simulation game where you operate your very own space program, has been growing in popularity. Many people like their video games but is there any real significance to this particular game? What interests me in this subject is not that it is entertaining, but rather how much it can do to promote science and space exploration!


Though the game is only in alpha stage, it has managed to gather a large group of players and a well developed community. One wouldn’t think that the game is only so far in development with how well it is done. Though many features are still lacking and updates are constantly rolled out, its incredible physics engine does not fail to impress at this stage in development. Its own version of the solar system is quite the place to explore, if you think you can compete with NASA.


In the real world, NASA has been having problems concerning its budget. Due to a restrictive budget, not only is NASA behind schedule, but many of the amazing projects that were planned have been cancelled. NASA’s projects are not only interesting but have a profound impact on society and the advancement of technology. NASA’s affect on our technological advancement should be quite obvious with items such as teflon and velcro in addition to contributions to the aerospace community. Experiments conducted in space further our understanding of science and medicine.

Kerbal Space Program helps promote space exploration and NASA’s mission by encouraging an interest in science and therefore education. Not only is this essential to developing society but also in advancing us into a civilization we can look upon with pride. Video games have the power to influence our interests and consequently potentially our actions. The game will nurture interest in engineering among players who aren’t necessarily engineers. This increased interest will then grow into increased support. With the increased support maybe we can really make it to be a Type-I civilization.

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