While Gage Palmer may be in his last semester at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, he has had an incredible student and athletic career while in Prescott. Hailing from Topeka, Kan., Palmer is a senior Aeronautical Science major and also a member of the ERAU Men’s Soccer team.

Even before Palmer came to Arizona, he had an impressive athlete career. In Kansas, Palmer played on his high school’s nationally ranked varsity soccer team his sophomore, junior, and senior years. In addition, he played on a club team, the Kansas City Wizards, and made the region and Olympic development teams. Getting onto each of these teams was by no means an easy task.

But his accomplishments did not stop there. Over the course of his four year collegiate soccer career at ERAU, his greatest athletic achievement was going with the Eagles, this past year, to nationals and getting ranked 22nd overall. He even got a letter from the Major League Soccer player Combine in Florida, an opportunity that would have put him in front of major league soccer recruiters. However, Palmer decided to turn the offer down so that he could focus on his studies.

His advice for younger players is to rely on “hard work and dedication. Never give up,” Palmer said, “and don’t take no for an answer. How much effort you put into it is what you will get out.”

After he graduates this Spring, Palmer plans to get a house in Kansas with some of his friends so that he can build up some flight hours. Eventually he would like to become a regional pilot.

“I would like to thank my buddies, Andrew Davidson and Randall Smith, for the great four years together,” Palmer said. “I would also like to thank my mother and father for helping me and believing in me throughout college.” and finally, “Matt Barnes, our new men’s soccer head coach, made the passion for soccer come back for me, and for that I really thank him.”

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