Nanci Bosick returned to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to teach a self-defense workshop in the Lower Hangar. About 15 students and staff attended. Some were newcomers, but others remembered Bosick from last year. Bosick had taught Just Yell Fire, and on April 4 at 5:30 p.m. she returned with Escaping Violent Encounters.

Escaping Violent Encounters lasted almost two hours and helped students and staff prepare for a violent encounter. Bosick taught using a method of lecturing, demonstrating, and then lecturing again to reinforce her teaching. Attendees were able to practice everything they had learned in a short time.

Bosick covered some of the same moves from Just Yell Fire, but the focus of Escaping Violent Encounters was on mental preparation and situational awareness. Bosick talked through the different reactions to being attacked. She described how training self-defense every day can help prepare someone for faster reactions.

It’s common for people without training to freeze, Bosick said, but this can be countered with determined practice. Bosick showed several videos during her presentation. Some were disturbing and others were hilarious and garnered several laughs from the audience. Each showed a lesson in the necessity of efficient self-defense.

Bosick is a certified self-defense instructor. She gave a discount to the attendees if they want to take her eight hour class in escaping violent encounters. Free knapsacks were available to all who showed up, but there are still some in the Women’s and Diversity Center for anyone who wants one.

“One of the most important things,” Bosick said, “is what decision you make once you realize you are being attacked. You need to decide that you are the one going home,” she stated. Once you decide that, Bosick said you fight for your life.


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