It was a sunny morning on April 13 when prospective students of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Prescott campus flocked to the small activity fair outside the Eagle Gym for Preview Day. Clubs from all over campus brought out the best they had to try and entice incoming freshmen, as well as vie for the $100 raffle for all clubs attending.

While many clubs were eager in presenting themselves as best as possible to the incoming freshmen, some of the volunteers were still quite irate that the fair was conducted at such an early time in the morning. However, everyone still managed to hold high spirits.

The incoming freshmen, equally eager to experience a slice of college life at ERAU, swarmed the booths along with their parents. Future students questioned the club representatives regarding not only their club but also college life.

Many conversations started off technical enough; after a while, however, most turned into a conversation about experiences in high school and how best to transition to life in college. Others chatted about what their plans were once they got to college.

Parents also got in the action, asking questions on behalf of their children. Most of the questions revolved around how their kids are going to manage in school, especially that transition period. Some, however, were quite confident their kids can handle themselves.

The whole affair seemed like a great success. Even after the start of the preview day events, people tried to linger around as much as possible. As far as first impressions from students, everyone seemed excited and ready for college. The parents were a bit less enthused by the idea of spending tens of thousands of dollars a year for their kids’ educations, but nonetheless they supported them.

After the presentations from staff and faculty, the day was pretty much up to the incoming freshmen and their parents. Some of the students went on to tour various campus facilities. From the library to the flightline and even the air traffic control labs and the experimental fabrication facilities, the students, as well as the parents, had a lot of fun.

Questions poured from not only the students but from the parents as well. The targets for those questions were split among not only the tour guides, but to anyone who happened to pass by faculty or student alike.

Guests were invited to visit student projects. One such project was a turret inspired by the turrets in the “Portal” series of video games. The turret would track the visitors as they passed by if they were wearing green, the pre-programmed tracking color.

Preview Day was a great time for prospective students to experience what Embry-Riddle has to offer as well as for parents to see where their children are going to spend the next few years of their lives. It was also a great way for the incoming freshmen to get a foot in the door and meet their potential new colleagues.


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