With a Request for Proposal tasking them to build a small area defense fighter, High-G Industries certainly tackled one of this year’s most unusual and challenging projects. The team designed their aircraft, the HG-9 Infinity, with Department of Defense applications in mind.

The HG-9 Infinity is designed to be small and agile. Its wingspan is roughly 35 feet, with a total length of 46 feet. This gives it a smaller area than a F-18 Hornet and makes this aircraft suitable for takeoff from a small field base or an aircraft carrier, as it comes equipped with a catapult launch bar and a hook. The HG-9 Infinity has a combat radius of 120 nautical miles, and can withstand 9 G’s at 30,000 feet for a minute, a level of force that will certainly test the abilities of the pilot of this single-seat aircraft. The HG-9 Infinity will carry two AIM 9 missiles, two AIM 120 missiles, and a M61 20 millimeter cannon into battle, making it a formidable enemy.

High-G Industries has built the right side of the aircraft’s horizontal stabilator for the design, build, and break portion of their project. Their huge stabilator section is one of the largest ever built at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and the team expects it to be able to withstand an amount of force the university’s equipment can’t handle. Although the stabilator is predicted to be capable of handling loads up to 36,000 pounds, High-G Industries will only be applying a maximum force of about 15,000 pounds to obtain accurate results from the testing equipment. High-G Industries’ detail project draws to a close this week, and although the HG-9 Infinity remains on the drawing board for now, the military may one day find itself in need of this capable aircraft.


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