Hi-Ho industries have been working towards a spacecraft attitude control simulator. This is a table that can rotate about any axis, with a limit of plus or minus 29 degrees from starting parallel to the floor, back to a stable orientation within 20 seconds. The main goal that the team wanted to complete was to create a working demonstrator for the campus to use in the future. Along with the table moving back to a stable orientation, the table can be controlled by a remote, as well as be programmed to a specific set of angles. The remote allows the system to receive orders from a user and shows that the computer is able to be manipulated. This simulates many satellites that are currently in space taking photos.

The table is placed on a needle stand to rotate about. This stand provides little friction and allows for an efficient way to rotate and test the components. To provide the rotation of the table, the team is using thrusters powered by compressed air that provide approximately one Newton of thrust.

To complete the project the team has had to work around many issues, which include integration from all other subsystems to the project, programming , and tuning all the sensors. One of the hardest to overcome was learning a programming language for the computer that got donated for the project. This caused more issues since no professor on campus was fluent in the programming language.

While the team struggled at times, the project has come together nicely. While the goal was to have it completely stable within 20 seconds, the team has the program optimized so within three seconds the table has stabilized.


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