For his Global Security and Intelligence Studies Senior Thesis, senior Jared Snyder selected: “A Model of Most Effective Methods of Prevention of Workplace Violence.”  Snyder chose a different topic originally, but was forced to change his thesis when his mentor, Dr. Michael Bozeman, had to take a medical leave of absence.  He now receives support and mentorship from Professor Robert Baker and Dr. Thomas Field.  Both professors were immediately and extremely helpful with providing Snyder with advice and helping him develop his research.

Snyder spent the better part of this semester conducting research with over twenty books, and a variety of theses and doctoral dissertations, becoming a subject matter expert on workplace violence.  Over the course of his time studying the subject, Snyder has concluded many studies and corporations seem to focus on the most cost effective ways to prevent workplace violence, rather than the best ways to provide protection for employees.  Part of his thesis is meant to counter this bias, and strike a balance between keeping costs down for employers as well as providing the best level of protection possible for employees.

After graduation, Snyder hopes to work in corporate security.  His work in the field of workplace violence and his experiences as a GSIS student has already earned him two job interviews with security corporations in his hometown, Seattle, Washington.  Wherever Snyder goes after graduation, his extensive research promises to make him an asset to his employers.  “I’m glad to say that my work has resulted in creating a model for any employer to use to quickly find the most effective and viable prevention methods dependent on each business’ risks” said Snyder, “ This model puts the employees first while still not being a financial burden to the employer.”


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