When not winning awards at aviation competitions, the Golden Eagles Flight Team likes to give back to the community. Two organizations in particular got some much needed help from the flight team:  Yavapai Big Brothers and Big Sisters and the Boy Scouts of America.

Many students on campus are proud members of the Yavapai Big Brothers and Big Sisters program. They meet every week or so with their “little” and go out and do things together, like watching a movie or going to a park. This gives the children, who come from disadvantaged homes, a better chance to succeed in school and beyond. Each year, the organization holds its largest fundraiser, Bowling for Kid’s Sake, to help pay for these outings.

This year the flight team put forth a team of five to help raise money for the organization. Jack Panosian, Alexandra Tien, Caleb Seek, Sam Morris, and Christopher Robinson took time out of their busy schedules to seek out people on campus and in the community who were willing to pledge money to the team. The pledge money could be a flat amount or cent value based on the number of pins knocked down. After just six days of fundraising the team raised an astounding $690 dollars.

Although 800 local children have found matches, over 200 children are still waiting to be matched up with a “Big”.  Apart from raising money, the event, which happens on select nights in March and April, helps publicize the need for more “Bigs”. Alexandra Tien, a Big Sister herself, was interested in helping out because of the positive impact Big Brothers Big Sisters has in the community. “[Big Brothers Big Sisters] is a wonderful organization that gives children a better chance to succeed and should be supported.”

Aside from Bowling for Kid’s Sake, the flight team was also involved in helping out with Yavapai Troop One Boy Scouts looking to earn their Aviation Merit Badges. Flight team members volunteered to teach three two-hour lessons about aviation.  During the classes, the boys learned the basics of flight. The course was similar to private ground school, but condensed and simplified. Some of the subjects covered were: basic aerodynamics, control surfaces, airframes, engines, basic flight planning, preflight, and others.

Along with these classes, the boys were led on a five hour tour through the airport. The tour encompassed all of the subjects that could not be taught in the previous classes. For some hands-on experience, the boys were able to see the tower and learn basic flight maneuvers in the simulators. The boys were enthusiastic about the whole event, and enjoyed getting to use the school’s facilities. Some of the boy’s parents also attended the event and they had nothing but good things to say about the flight team. One parent commented, “What a wonderful job [they] are doing.”

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